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Fallout Shelter

by Molly Geene (as Amadeo Voss) profile

Horror/Slice of life

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Too short, December 26, 2014
Very, very short and very, very simple. I enjoyed it for the couple of minutes it lasted, but it ended before it could build up any substance, momentum, or mood.

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Andrew Schultz, December 27, 2014 - Reply
I agree--it had some fun stuff. The author had (I think) 2 entries in ShuffleComp, and they were both fun.

I don't know if you had a chance to look at other ShuffleComp games, but I think it was a pretty strong collection of games--likely stronger on average than IFComp. There was a pretty rigorous testing cycle, and a lot of "big names" who didn't have time for a full IFComp game managed to submit something.

Oh, and welcome to IFDB. I'm not an official greeter, but it's always great to see new reviewers.
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