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Seeking Ataraxia

by Glass Rat Media profile


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I enjoyed this a lot, March 6, 2016
by BenCarey (Brisbane, Australia)
This is a nice little story about someone with severe anxiety. Itís a small story but well told and contained. I very much related to the character and all of the incidents that occur. I thought this game provided what a lot of interactive works lack and that's a solid internal process. Internal monologue and reasoning. I also love that the aim of the game is not to Ďwiní but to try and achieve some form of tranquility for the main character.

There are some problems, for instance I completed the to-do list on the first day and it was still referenced as a choice on the second day. But that's very small.

I enjoyed this game a lot.

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An alt-game about OCD and managing your life, February 3, 2016
by MathBrush
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This IFComp 2015 game centers on understanding and experiencing OCD. It has a nice visual feel, with a fixed-letter-spacing font and some purposely grainy photos/images.

You are diagnosed with OCD, and you learn that it's not what people think it is. You experience OCD as you struggle with how to spend your day and struggle with intrusive thoughts presented in an interesting way.

Overall, a mid-length game. You get a summary at the end describing how you're doing and what your future might be like.

If you are interested in OCD, definitely check this game out.

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Intresting, December 2, 2015
It was well written and I loved the detail, the pictures to, but there was not point to this. I was just droning through without any real interest.

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Shows promise, but broken., October 4, 2015
There is nothing more frustrating than for a game to break as soon as it gets your interest.

There is a logic loop in the "next day" screen after the second day, and you can't proceed.

I would have tried to contact the author but they don't provide an email address in their competition listing or even their own website.

Please test your games.

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