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All Things Devours

by half sick of shadows

Time Travel

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- Virix, May 23, 2020

All Things Devours: an unWinnable State review, May 12, 2020

by unWinnable State (unWinnableState.com)
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All Things Devours is, in essence, one single puzzle. A crunchy, well constructed puzzle. I mean, I had to create a spreadsheet to solve the puzzle. Or rather, I got to create a spread sheet.

You play as a researcher who’s had their lab commandeered by the military. Afraid of the repercussions of future use of the prototype, you’ve decided to sneak back in to destroy your creation.

The puzzle of All Things Devours is exciting and tense. There is a real joy in discovering how the mechanisms of the puzzle work, and there are multiple paths to victory.

All Things Devours is not going to be for everyone. It is extremely light on story, and its puzzle, while fair, is difficult. You are likely to fail repeatedly before you find victory, but in the end the victory feels earned and is very rewarding.

You can find the SPOILER-Y portion of unWinnable State's review of All Things Devours here.

- Walter Sandsquish, January 31, 2020

- _firexe, December 4, 2019

- Zape, June 18, 2019

- shornet (Bucharest), June 17, 2019

- elias67, March 11, 2019

- JoQsh, February 18, 2019

- xochie, December 17, 2018

- davidar, November 10, 2018

- Jan Strach, May 10, 2018

- Guenni (At home), January 30, 2018

- Cory Roush (Ohio), July 3, 2017

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Great - wish it were longer, July 1, 2017
I found this by chance - I don't really do a whole lot of IF, but I happened to be looking at the list of "Cruel works" on IFWiki, and figured I'd try one out to see how hard they can be. This one happened to be listed under "A" and time travel is cool, so I figured I may as well.

I really enjoyed it. There isn't any hand-holding, and half the fun is running around and learning how to interact with things. A spreadsheet definitely feels like it's mandatory, especially for challenge mode, but in both cases I realized in retrospect that my optimizations left me with plenty of time, so it's probably fine to just try to keep it all in your head. Because the game is so short, and because there's an undo command, losing isn't frustrating at all, just part of the process.

The puzzle is tough, but at the same time I feel that the mechanics could have been exploited to a much greater degree. Even for the challenge mode, the time travel mechanic is only needed once. While I was playing and realizing how many doors the game had, I was thinking ahead about the sorts of optimizations I'd need to make in order to have 3 or even 4 copies of myself running around, but it's never required since most doors can't actually be opened.

It took me about an hour and a half to solve the normal mode, and about another hour to do the challenge mode. I think the challenge mode is the definitive version of the game, since there are a couple of substantial changes which really force the player to think about what they're doing. I'm not sure if it's because I was playing challenge mode or if I just did something differently, but I believe that the challenge mode even gives a different ending. Definitely worth solving for anyone who enjoyed the base version.

I know that this is pretty old, but I would love to see a sequel which extends the amount of time the player has, but also expands the play area.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Excellent puzzle, March 12, 2017
by lkdc
This game is one of the best I have ever played. I wish the ending were a little more satisfying, but as for the gameplay, I thought it was flawless. My only wish is that I should have had much less time before the guard came back, so that I would have been forced to tighten up the timing a little more! As it was my optimizations turned out to be a little unnecessary.

Edit: I just discovered the challenge version (type "challenge" on the first move). This is exactly what I wanted when I wrote the above! An excellent game, in all regards.

- Denk, March 11, 2017

- Serene Melody, February 22, 2017

- Lino, May 17, 2016

- PVince81 (Germany), April 23, 2016

- Lanternpaw, March 10, 2016

A maze involving time instead of space. A notebook is recommended., February 3, 2016

I first played All Things Devours 5 years ago as one of my first pieces of interactive fiction, and was very confused and felt it was impossible.

All Things Devours is a time travel game, where you must work together with past or future selfs to navigate several puzzles, subject to certain restrictions.

This game can be solved much more easily if you keep a detailed list of where you are and what you are doing at each turn. That way, you'll know where (or when) to be with other incarnations of yourself.

Fortunately, it's not necessary to jump around too much. A similar game called Fifteen minutes involves 8 or more copies of yourself in the same room, and it gets very tedious by that point.

All Things Devours is a classic.

- Thrax, March 11, 2015

- cabalia (Ohio), March 3, 2015

- VarunG (Mumbai, India), November 15, 2014

- Joshua Houk, October 18, 2014

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