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The Thing About Dungeons

by Brendan Patrick Hennessy profile


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- Sobol (Russia), November 15, 2016

- NJ (Ontario), March 14, 2016

Jokey walls-o'-text by a great author. Pretty linear story about roguelikes/RPGs, February 3, 2016

Hennessy has some very good twine games, but I didn't feel like this is one. It still has metaphorical meaning, an interesting 'cover story', good narrative voice, etc. like his other games. The story is about a dungeon, and about rpgs and dungeons in general.

However, one of the games features is that every link provides a huge wall of often repetitive text. Also, the narrative voice is jokey/juvenile, whichI personally don't enjoy very much in a game.

Overall, this is an above average twine game, but I don't recommend it. I strongly recommend the other games by the author.

- Vendae, January 22, 2016

- GlassRat, January 22, 2016

- dream, January 22, 2016

- CMG (NYC), August 19, 2015

- Ismarus, March 23, 2014

- Ghalev (Colorado), December 4, 2013

- Katrisa (Houston), December 4, 2013

Funny story subverting RPG tropes, December 4, 2013

by streever (America)
This is a fun, short CYOA story that offers a humorous pastiche of RPG tropes.

Hennessy is a good writer, employing colloquialisms in a way that sells the parody/satire of this piece.

This isn't a challenging or difficult piece, but rather a fun, light-hearted narrative which is easy to enjoy.

- Laura Michet (Los Angeles), November 15, 2013

- Ryusui (Out in the middle of a field!), June 18, 2013

- Molly (USA), June 18, 2013

- Galena, June 5, 2013

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