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I don't remember why this game is called "Onion"

by Dan Shiovitz profile

Humor/Science Fiction

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All the Pieces, but That's About It, November 21, 2009
by Nick_Hayden (Indiana)
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All the SpeedIF entries show evidence of their quick writing, but this one, while humorous, feels more like a cobbling of pieces than the previous ones. It has the requisite appearance of the Eiffel Tower, Nostradamus, and a bathroom, but it has little sense of narrative or character; most of the setting exists because it has to exist.

All in all, a somewhat disappointing, even for a SpeedIF, with little to help it stand out from the crowd of other SpeedIF4 entries. (It does have the distinction of not being located in Paris, at least.)

Baf's Guide

Martians are into the habbit of building replicas of earth's monuments in this simple little game. As in many SpeedIF games the puzzles are almost non-existant and the whole game feels quite rushed. Still could bring a smile if you are into the spirit of SpeedIF. See the other Speed IF #4 games for different takes on the same premise.

-- George Pappas

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