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Dragon Fate

by Kris Schnee


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Starts slow (which is not bad), but a vary enjoyable read., October 20, 2017
by Peedeoo7 (North America)
Particularly I find the ending sequences particularly entertaining. Unlike every other adventure your not swarmed by opponents, and the ones you do encounter make sense. There is a fair bit of lore, and if you look closely and pay attention alongside some brainpower, you can find the less obvious endings.

I find this game is best taken slowly, not super action packed, such there is no need to rush, and if you do you will miss things, (good hint)(Spoiler - click to show)re-combing the areas you been to could be a possibly good idea, if you know what I mean.

Some things that happen can mess with your mind a little (not in a bad way, rather quite amusing how it happens). Not all fates that end with you living are... what you expect.... So look around.

Surprisingly this is the first interactive novel that the author released and there already something to be desired.

Looking forwards to more.

Starts off slow, but gets more and more interesting!, October 20, 2017
Try it, stick with it, and mess around. It's worth it.

- Wanderlust, August 3, 2017

- Xavid, June 20, 2017

- Mona Mae (South Africa), February 25, 2017

- dream, September 25, 2016

- hoopla, September 17, 2016

- Aselia, May 17, 2016

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A mid-length RPG CYOA with 15 endings and moral choices, April 16, 2016
This is an excellent gamebook style RPG centered around a dragon's lair. There are two real goals in the game: to maximize a treasure score, and to choose how you interpret the events of the game, by means of various moral choices. This leads to 15 possible endings.

The game gave me the feel of old Dnd modules, the kind where you don't realize that a sword is a cursed demon in weapon form, or where you don't know if trapdoor is safe to open.

I played several times. The game is polished and descriptive, and the interactivity was very effective. But I felt emotionally distant from the protagonist and their life.

Recommended for DND fans.

- Magenta, April 12, 2016

- gapaot, April 12, 2016

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A blast from the past, April 11, 2016
by Felix Pleșoianu (Bucharest, Romania)
You know, people who grew up with gamebooks, like I did, often wax nostalgic about the medium. It's not as common to see someone try and bring those simple pleasures back to life, even for a glimpse. That's why I was excited to hear that Kris was working on Dragon Fate -- a good old-fashioned fantasy adventure where you, an adventurer, investigate claims of a dragon sighting off a small mountain village, hopefully getting rich in the process. But there's more up there than you bargained for...

Briefly put, Dragon Fate does everything right. The writing is to the point, but pleasant (Kris is a writer, and it shows). You can choose what kind of character you play. There's a diceless rule system that allows for freedom in how to tackle the various challenges, and you even get to decide the meaning of the mysteries you uncover, which will have an impact on certain endings. (The story features transformation themes.) The game is non-linear; you can explore in any order, and you'll want to visit everywhere multiple times to catch everything as you level up. The game also boasts no less than 14 endings (not counting death from injuries), but isn't judgemental about them -- you decide whether they're good or bad. All in all, a very replayable game.

All that makes the game more of an RPG than some titles actually claiming to belong in the genre. And to think it's made in plain old Twine! It's not exactly some deep meaningful story, either, but still entertaining, definitely head and shoulders over most of the classic gamebooks it reminds me of. Even the size is just right -- not so large as to require multiple play sessions, but neither so small as to leave the reader disappointed. There are places where there's nothing to suggest that coming back later might be fruitful, but that hardly impacts the enjoyment. So, enjoy!

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