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The Dreamhold

by Andrew Plotkin profile


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A great intro for a newbie (Me!), October 17, 2017
This is only the second IF game I have ever played, after Lost Pig and the first that really required mapping. I really loved it, the story is slight unless you're really paying attention but the tutorial aspect of it works perfectly. I only used the hints to get one of the masks, and then only because I was getting too hasty, and would have figured it out myself if I would have just been willing to spend more time thinking about it.

All in all, a great fun time to play, it definitely whet my appetite to play more IF games!

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Danielle, October 18, 2017 - Reply
Pretty remarkable how a little text and some masterful programming can make entire new worlds to explore! I wish you luck on your IF journey. Enjoy wandering the archives, there's so much imagination on display, it's incredible. :)
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