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by David Ahl and Rick Merrill


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- magic sympathy, March 6, 2020

Ancient resource management game, interesting for a while, February 24, 2020

There's no story, so it's not interactive fiction or a text adventure, really. At each turn, you can buy land, sell land, plant land, & distribute food. By twiddling these numbers, you try to grow your city. At each turn, some people starve, some move into the city, rats destroy food, & the price of land changes.

It's old. It's cute. It's a reminder of the early programming projects people do (or did) in school in the 1970s or early 1980s.

For what it's worth, I found "hammurabi.c" in the hammurabi.zip file on IF-Archive, compiled that & played that version. Did not play the Hugo version.

- Fantacide (California), December 31, 2012

- GDL (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), June 7, 2011

- Miron (Berlin, Germany), December 10, 2007

- Pseudo_Intellectual (Vancouver, Canada), October 25, 2007

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