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Stink or Swim

by Renee Choba profile


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- Floating Info, April 29, 2013

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), September 30, 2010

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Making short work of a skunk , May 7, 2010
by Felix Larsson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
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The author of Snack Time! puts herself under Speed IF restrictions (“I’ve got three hours to write a game about … an olympic medalist, a public bath and a skunk), and this is the result. Like most any Speed IF the result is, I suppose, a trifle; but this one is a pleasurable trifle to while away a few minutes.

You play a former olympic medalist, now swimming instructor, who has to get a skunk out of the pool. Removing the skunk is the one puzzle of the game. I guess it will not present many difficulties even to an absolute beginner. But the writing is pleasing, the skunk is cute, there are footnotes to the text (and I love footnotes), and there’s even a certain amount of psychological development on the part of the protagonist who comes to grips with certain aspects of her olympic past.

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Fun and frustration in equal measure., April 25, 2009
by gruelove (UK)
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An entertaining little piece which left me a little dis-satisfied. I tend to get tired quite quickly of IF that leaves me high and dry. I personally didn't find the hints offered much that I hadn't already thought to try anyway(to no avail). Being more of a story oriented player than a lover of puzzles it may be that I am being a little harsh.

All things being as they are, this is an amusing piece of IF that I will no doubt do battle with from time to time. Would have given it 4 stars if not for the lack of 'useful' hints.


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A quickie, but underclued, January 28, 2009
by Ron Newcomb (Seattle)
It's a good thing it has a built-in hint system, else I wouldn't be able to finish it. Focused on one puzzle doing somersaults in your 'ool (notice there is no Stink in it; please keep it that way) the game introduces itself then leaves you bereft. Be sure to examine everything.

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Short and Endearing, January 28, 2009
by Molly (USA)
A short, charming game by the creator of Snack Time! The writing shares the same style of wit and whimsy with the previous game. Sadly, I couldn't rate it as highly as I could have, due to getting stuck on some of the puzzles, but then I'm not much of a puzzle solver, and anyway there's an in-game hint system if you need help. Overall I'd say that if you liked Snack Time! you should definitely give this game a shot.

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