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Men Don't Play With Dolls

by Jordan Leendertsen


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Disturbing But In A Good Way, May 24, 2018
It's difficult to put into words really how this made me feel, or what I even through of it, other than saying it's definitely worth reading.

It feels as if the story/game involves you directly, like you're in some kind of strange conversation with someone you don't know personally but do and soon enough you know them on a disturbingly intimate level. At first I thought the story was forcing me to assume the role of a psychiatrist but towards the end I felt as if I were the Devil. Obsession and paranoia all wrapped up into one, it's an interesting look into someone's potential state of mind.

The story is categorised within the genre of 'horror', now I'm not sure if it's fear I felt but it was certainly discomforting in a satisfying sort of way. Although it's all dependent on the individual; this story game plays into all of my discomforts. Especially religious paranoia.

Side Note: Music was perfect. Definitely helped with the atmosphere.