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Female Experience Simulator

by Alyson Macdonald profile

Slice of life

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- dream, April 15, 2016

- Asherred, April 4, 2015

- BlitzWithGuns, March 21, 2015

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Has just one point to make, but is funny about it, March 20, 2015
by Wade Clarke (Sydney, Australia)
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A quick CYOA in which - in game parlance - you die and must restart after every second move because whatever you decide to wear and wherever you choose to go (two choices) you are sexually harassed by a man or men.

The mixture of cuteness and smartarsery in the writing, in combination with the girly pink colour scheme, is broadly funny. This tone extends into the dialogue and content of the harassments. That they are so frequent and display such a variety of dialogue and invention that they acquire an overkill quality in this context which is inevitably funny and exasperating, and makes them palatable in spite of their volume. And the game is in tune with player exasperation. It starts to offer an 'I give up' option at about the right time.

The punchline when you do so is: 'BLAM! Welcome to life as a woman.'

(OK, I admit I added the 'BLAM!')

So this very small game is well structured for its idea. This leaves us with the idea and the question of who it's for. I'm already aware of the specific point that a woman might be sexually harassed whether she is wearing a low cut item or a tracksuit, and this is the game's main point. So telegraphing that at length and then saying 'BLAM!' was not revelatory for me personally, but that doesn't mean it might not be revelatory for someone else. The practicality of the point makes it a good one for people who might not have thought about such things much, or at all.

Based on what's (figuratively) written on the box, a woman need not play Female Experience Simulator. After all, she doesn't need to simulate the experience of being a woman; she's experiencing it. Nevertheless, were she to play it, my punt on what her experience might be like - informed by my experience of playing Female Experience Simulator - is that the game would be likely to hit the recognition spot with a leavening of humour, but obviously without any revelations.

If the game actually advocated hopelessness or hopeless behaviour (eg 'You MUST run home to cry whenever you are sexually harrassed!') I would have flushed it down the toilet to join other self-deludedly defeatist crap like the works of Samuel Beckett. However I think it's obvious that this game is not making a point beyond: A woman can experience sexual harrassment in spite of how she dresses or presents herself. Which is important if not known. A man may learn this by playing. A woman already knows it. The game manages to do this with some humour, and it's pretty light, so it's a stretch to read much further into it.

This review is already in severe danger of brandishing more content than the game itself, so it's time to stop.

- CMG (NYC), February 18, 2015

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Thinly Veiled SJW Victim Complexing, February 18, 2015
I'm going to sound like a jerk to someone. Oh well, that seems unavoidable nowadays. This is an IF and a story in the same sense that one of those pamphlets someone offers you on the streets is a novel. You won't be missing anything by skipping out on it. It's someone's delusional social agenda passed off as a game. I'm starting to see where Twine's getting the stigma from.

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I had a laugh, February 17, 2015
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)
yet another clickable-static-fiction-passing-for-game. Like many of its brethren, this one too being a political manifest about some poor minority group being morally harassed - in this case, women. Everywhere they go, they are closely followed by those terrible monsters - the men.

anyway, one of the strong points of IF is putting you in the shoes of another self - the Player Character, in this IF, you take the role of one such poor harassed woman. You really feel sorry for being the object of desire of those damn bastards.

this snippet made me smile, so I gave the "game" one more star:

You're eyeing up the chocolate biscuits when a man starts tutting at you. "It would be a shame if a pretty girl like you let herself go."

Surprise! You've been sexually harassed. You feel so embarrassed that you have to go home and cry to your cat.

- Katrisa (Houston), December 5, 2013

- Animized, October 17, 2013

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