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The Legend of the Missing Hat

by Adri profile


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- Denk, April 2, 2019

- Stas, March 29, 2018

- Sobol (Russia), February 12, 2017

A cute, short game about four tiny ninjas in a bedroom, June 7, 2016

This game was entered in the cover stories competition, where cover art was provided first, and games were developed based on them.

You play as a tiny ninja that lives under a bed. You're job is to go around the room, cheering up your comrades one at a time in a classic linear type puzzle system.

The writing is compact and cute, and the game is short. I recommend it for a light snack. I did get stuck at the very end.

- missjith, April 26, 2016

- roboman, December 9, 2015

- CMG (NYC), February 16, 2015

- Simon Deimel (Germany), February 5, 2015

- blue/green, July 15, 2014

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Short but funny, March 30, 2014
I'm thirty-something-years old and loved Zork as a kid/teen, but I never finished it and I don't have a very long attention-span for puzzles.

My six-year-old and I enjoyed this game together. It really is funny, in a very straightforward way.

I'm giving this one an extra star for being something quite young kids could enjoy.

- RichCheng (London, UK), September 25, 2013

- lavonardo, September 24, 2013

- Jim Kaplan (Jim Kaplan has a room called the location. The location of Jim Kaplan is variable.), June 22, 2013

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Short and cute, June 11, 2013
Title pretty much says it. Super cute game, super short. I think part of the adorableness is imagining everything at the scale described in the game. Just trying to picture the tiny little ninjas made me happy. I liked that they were also given their own little personalities with the bit of dialogue they had.

I loved it, but you need to know what you're in for. Takes maybe about 10 minutes. The "puzzles" are very straightforward and the game dialogue guides you through pretty well.

- verityvirtue (London), May 12, 2013

- E.K., May 10, 2013

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Nice little diversion, May 10, 2013
This is a small, fun little game. No complexity to it and as reported in other reviews, no real depth to either the implementation or scenery. But, a joy to play and a nice little diversion.

- Shadow Fox (Texas), April 19, 2013

- amciek (Opole), January 4, 2013

- Catalina, August 7, 2012

- Molly (USA), June 20, 2012

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Short and sweet, June 20, 2012
A nice beginner game. Very simple but charming. Not very complex, but well done. Also the idea of tiny ninjas is extremely cute.

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As advertised: tiny, June 17, 2012
by Emily Short
Related reviews: cover stories
This is an extremely short, extremely easy puzzle game, as advertised: I think it took me between five and ten minutes to play completely. It's sweet and cheerful, and takes place on a miniaturized landscape, as the main character is a ninja perhaps a half-inch tall.

Implementation and scenery are not as deep as in, say, Sara Dee's "Mite" or Ryan Veeder's "You've Got a Stew Going!", but the central concept is similar, in that familiar household objects and critters function differently when the scale is drastically altered.

- Felix Pleșoianu (Bucharest, Romania), June 16, 2012

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), June 15, 2012

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