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Guilded Youth

by Jim Munroe

Slice of life

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A Great IF Adventure, October 18, 2013
by Tristano (Italy)
I really enjoyed playing «Guilded Youth». It’s not the usual IF adventure for in some ways the plot tends to be guided by the game itself thus offering a smooth interactive story-like experience more than a brain-teasing guessing the next move experience. Yet, the experience of immersion into the story is very strong.

The game creates right from its start a strong setting, it has a fast pace and the player flows with story without bumbs and doubts. Accativating graphics and sound contribute to the successful worldbuilding of «Guilded Youth».

I strongly advice playing this game both to IF veterans as well as newbyes — newbyes will profit from a non-frustrating game experience, and veterans will enjoy a neatly build story which is fun and easy to play.
It took me overall about half hour to complete the game. It was fun and challenging (not in a "guess the verb" way but rather in a "what's next" way).

Well done Jim Munroe