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Escape from S.S.A.D.B.

by David Meny


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David Meny's Secret Science and Detention Base, March 17, 2014
by jgerrie (Cape Breton Island, Canada)
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Escape from SSADB is a text adventure in the tradition of the great adventures of Scott Adams. This program isn't as complicated as an Infocom product--It only uses two word commands like GET KEY or HIT COMPUTER.

This was apparently David Meny's first adventure game written in Basic. It was very enjoyable and challenging to play. The Basic program listing provides much insight in the structure of adventure program writing. He apparently also made other adventures such as PIRATE TREASURE, which is supposed to take place on a pirate ship and a desert island.

The version I played for the TRS-80 MC-10 has been updated for the 2000s. Kim Jun Un and the North Koreans are the enemies and not the Soviets as in the original for the TRS-80 Model 1/3.

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