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Hannah Powell-Smith

Member since April 8, 2014
Last visited December 9, 2018
Profile ID (TUID): z2n3w22zcoig6d3t

I write about fraught relationships, fantasy politics, and unknowable entities. Find reviews and notes on my work at http://hannahpowellsmith.com/blog

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Interactive Fiction by Hannah Powell-Smith

Aquarium, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2014)
(15 ratings)
You're seventeen. It's dark in here. Aquarium is a story game about skipping school with a cute boy. There are multiple endings. You can play in your browser on most devices - Internet Explorer...

Blood Money, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2018)
By the power of your blood, you and your ghosts will take over your crime family! Blood Money is a 290,000-word interactive novel by Hannah Powell-Smith. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics...

Enough, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2016)
(4 ratings)
You're doing OK. A tiny game about comfort. Made for the TinyUtopias jam.

Get Seen Tonight, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2017)
(7 ratings)
A cop falls for her torch singer informant. What's gone wrong tonight? Author's Comment: "This game was inspired by a number of songs by Dessa, notably Dixon's Girl and Alibi. Many thanks to Irina...

Heretic Dreams, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2016)
(10 ratings)
They would call what you did heresy. No one knows you swallowed the power of a god, but it will break you apart.

swept up, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2014)
(1 rating)
and she's drumming her fingers on the wheel and watching you sideways, gaze flickering back-forth-back like she doesn't know if she wants to punch you or kiss you or eat you swept up is a game...

Teeth and Ice, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2016)
(9 ratings)
A selkie will do anything to reclaim their skin.

Thanksgiving, by Hannah Powell-Smith (2015)
(10 ratings)
You're twenty-one. It's dark in here. Thanksgiving is a story game about being an anxious student with secrets, meeting your boyfriend's folks for the first time. And being Judged. Play in your...

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Reviews by Hannah Powell-Smith

Sigil Reader (Field), by verityvirtue   November 7, 2017
"When I woke, it was high noon, and the air was dead. Sigil Reader (Field) is a fantasy exploration parser game made in Quixe. The PC is a..." - See the full review

make build --deity, by joshg   November 5, 2017
"A series of iterations of an AI deity being built. Rather than violence and creepy imagery, this game concerns itself more with..." - See the full review

little, by chandler groover   November 5, 2017
"A tiny yarn about a creepy girl, needles, bodies, and an even creepier narrator. Chandler Groover is excellent at creating grotesque..." - See the full review

Bloody Raoul, by Caleb Wilson (as Ian Cowsbell)   November 5, 2017
"An interactive grotesque about a “knife punk”, one of a subculture of criminals existing with little identity but for the knives they..." - See the full review

Hexteria Skaxis Qiameth, by Gabriel Floriano   November 5, 2017
"Having encountered a linguistic mystery in a fictional language that intrigues them, the protagonist dives down a rabbit-hole of more..." - See the full review

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What Isn't Saved (will be lost), by Cat Manning
dripping with the waters of SHEOL, by Lady Isak Grozny
The Rats in the Bulkheads, by Bruno Dias
make build --deity, by joshg
little, by chandler groover

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Plundered Hearts, by Amy Briggs