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Fredrik Ramsberg

Stockholm, Sweden

Member since October 18, 2007
Last visited April 17, 2018
Profile ID (TUID): ux47mgvwfp2ilefb

E-mail: FredrikXyzzyRamsberg.net (replace Xyzzy with the character you think is missing)
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Currently interested in translation work, porting, writing library extensions for Inform 6 (a language which few people seem to use these days), and of course maintaining and enhancing Swedish Inform.

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Interactive Fiction by Fredrik Ramsberg

The Hobbit: The True Story, by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson (1993)
(3 ratings)

A short parody of Melbourne House's game "The Hobbit". Can be played from the DOS prompt. Can also be played online at http://www.solvalou.com/misc_hobbit.php

Sunburst Contamination, by Johan Berntsson and Fredrik Ramsberg (1988)

Sunburst Contamination was intentionally designed to resemble an old Scott Adams text adventure with its limitated parsing capabilities.

The Terror of Mecha Godzilla: The True Story, by Fredrik Ramsberg (1993)
(1 rating)

Vacation Gone Awry, by Johan Berntsson, Fredrik Ramsberg, and Staffan Friberg (1988)

Waking up at your holiday cabin in Germany, you discover that your entire family is missing. You must figure out what happened to them.

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Reviews by Fredrik Ramsberg

9:05, by Adam Cadre   October 20, 2007
"This game is fun for IF veterans because it pokes fun at one of the most widely accepted conventions of interactive fiction. Had me..." - See the full review

It Could Only Happen To You, by Mike Sousa   October 20, 2007
"Of course, this is a small game. Of course, it's not polished - there are plenty of typos and grammatical errors. The setting is surreal,..." - See the full review

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