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Dee Cooke

Member since July 10, 2020
Last visited August 23, 2020
Profile ID (TUID): rpwxquoh0hfufald

Semi-occasional player of IF until summer 2019, when I started creating my own text adventures with the Adventuron system. Still more of a creator than a player, but gradually exploring a few old classics.

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Interactive Fiction by Dee Cooke

Barry Basic and the Quest for the Perfect Port, by Dee Cooke (2020)
(2 ratings)
It's 1987, and Barry Basic is keen to reach a whole new fanbase by porting his BBC Micro computer game to the ZX Spectrum. However, he needs to convert his code first! As Barry, you need to find...

The Cave of Hoarding, by Dee Cooke (2019)
A short game about stashing some treasure. Be careful out there! This game was originally created for the Adventuron CaveJam 2019, and was later re-released with updated graphics.

Goblin Decathlon, by Dee Cooke (2020)
After a long and difficult training period, you've finally made it to the Goblin Games to compete against all the other goblin athletes! But you'll have to work hard if you want to see those shiny...

Goblin Quest, by Dee Cooke (2020)
You are the latest in a long line of unwilling goblin assistants to an imprisoned and increasingly grumpy wizard. Every day he tries to escape, and every day you end up on some fruitless quest to...

Hallowe'en: Night of the Misty Manor, by Dee Cooke (2019)
(1 rating)
It's Hallowe'en, and 17-year-old Eilidh is looking forward to a party at her neighbours' house. But when she's tasked with taking the younger children out guising, the evening turns out to be more...

One Last Thing..., by Dee Cooke (2020)
(2 ratings)
You thought your mission for the Company was over. But you were wrong. This really is the very last day you have to work for them - one last day, one last job, one last thing. Then you'll be free!...

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Century, by Zuuri
A Mission in Time, by Soso
The Troll and the Teddy, by Llewelyn 'NylePudding' Griffiths
Seeker of Magic, by Garry Francis
The Cave of Montauk, by MarWinStudios

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