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Member since December 25, 2007
Last visited December 1, 2019
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Baby Uncle New Year, by Jonathan Blask   December 1, 2019
"A very short game, consisting of a grand total of two easy puzzles. I got stuck on the second puzzle due to the bad parser (" - See the full review

Little Billy, by Okey Ikeako   July 11, 2019
"The game attempts to tell a serious, touching story about bullying. Unfortunately, it falls flat due to the overall ineptness of the..." - See the full review

FooM, by Piers Johnson   July 11, 2019
"An implementation of the entire "E1M1: Hangar" from Doom in text adventure form. Probably the most remarkable feature of this game is its..." - See the full review

mr. leg needs some milk, by amelia tsukum   October 25, 2018
"Very short but adorable game. It's just a pity the author..." - See the full review

The Wizard Sniffer, by Buster Hudson   November 28, 2017
"A light-hearted, funny adventure, reminding me sometimes of Discworld, and sometimes of classic cartoons in its use of traditional humor..." - See the full review

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JudgeDeadd's Played Games List

Vespers, by Jason Devlin
Futz Mutz, by Tim Simmons
Little Billy, by Okey Ikeako
FooM, by Piers Johnson
Mastaba Snoopy, by gods17

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