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Member since November 26, 2013
Last visited September 1, 2016
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Interactive Fiction by PaperBlurt

20 Strokes, by PaperBlurt (2014)
(11 ratings)
You find yourself in a public swimming pool. Chlorine irritates your skin and you just know that the little boy standing still is taking a whiz. 20 Strokes are required to get from one end to the...

Alone/Awake, by PaperBlurt (2013)
(7 ratings)
Alone/Awake is a short Twine game, or maybe rather an experiment. A lonely astronaut with almost no oxygen left - striving to survive. Or is it a story about two astronauts on a desolate planet?...

Capsule, by PaperBlurt (2014)
(16 ratings)
Alone. In space. A vessel the size of Wales, floating through the endless night. You are the keeper of millions of people. But what might be happening in Sector 24-R?

Capsule II - The 11th Sandman, by PaperBlurt (2015)
(13 ratings)
There's this pause on the Makida every time the current Sandman goes back into the cryotube, and before the new one awakes. A certain calm where all is still. The Makida's dull hum is heard, but...

Come to Bag, by PaperBlurt (2015)
(10 ratings)
"...and humans shall cometh to thy bag and feast upon its bounties" (a twine cacophony filled with goodness for all)

The Fuzzy Little Adventure, by PaperBlurt (2014)
(5 ratings)
Three friends meet up on a magical day and have the very best adventure ever! They talk, giggle, laugh and becomes even more best friends then they were before! Why donít you join in on their...

The Sadness of Rocky Barbato, by PaperBlurt (2014)
(5 ratings)
An old porn star reflects about his life... Contemplating choices made and if penetration truly has led to happiness or if there's another hole in his life that needs to be filled. But whatís...

SKATE OUT!, by PaperBlurt (2015)
(6 ratings)
It's time to be skatin' and NOT think about what really happened last summer... ...a spiritual successor to my Twine "20 Strokes"... (a very short little project made for the "Finish A Game" Jam)

TUNDRA, by PaperBlurt (2015)
(8 ratings)
You wake up. Walking. On a tundra. You're cold. Where are you? How did you end up here?

TWEEZER, by Richard Goodness and PaperBlurt (2014)
(6 ratings)
Congratulations! Your essay, "20 Reasons Why I Would Like To Visit Tuisere" has won Triptacular Magazine's "Let's Send You To Tuisere" contest! See the sights during your three day, three night...

The Urge, by PaperBlurt (2014)
(15 ratings)
Torture, torture little star You must wonder where you are Hoping that you'll soon will die As I melt your face with lye When your pee mix with your sweat And the floor with blood is wet Then...

Workday Choices, by PaperBlurt (2013)
(4 ratings)
An ordinary workday, filled with mindless choices one makes to survive until the next day begins. A rat race is never won.

Zest, by Fear of Twine (Richard Goodness, lectronice, PaperBlurt) (2014)
(18 ratings)
Hello young Limonista! It's the hottest week of the year, and ordinarily this would be a problem! But you work at the most popular lemonadery in Sufferette City, and the citizens depend on you to...

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