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Member since January 22, 2019
Last visited November 16, 2019
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Newly into IF. I've made games but have never published any. By the time I DO release one, it'll have to pass my own perfectionist standards, haha.

Note: I rate games solely by how much I liked them rather than by technical achievement. I might give 5 stars to a 3 star game and 3 to a 5, for instance, depending on how well the game played to my own tastes. This may not be the most fair way to rate games, but there ya go.

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Reviews by thecanvasrose

The Bubble Bath, by Susane Berkenheger   November 10, 2019
""The Bubble Bath" is/was a clever game which takes advantage of Microsoft Internet Explorer loopholes to make it appear as though your..." - See the full review

Hyper Rift, by CKS Studios   November 10, 2019
"I discovered "Hyper Rift" while downloading "Creatures Such as We" to my cellphone. "Hyper Rift" is a deceptively difficult game with..." - See the full review

1915, by Gregor Duddy, Luke Powell, Finlay Macpherson   November 10, 2019
"The creators of 1915 describe their game (at least on 1915's itch.io page) as interactive fiction; unusual for a 3D terrain-exploring..." - See the full review

You Are Jeff Bezos, by Kris Ligman   November 9, 2019
""You Are Jeff Bezos" is a very simple game with no custom visuals or text effects, but the story is well done and thought provoking...." - See the full review

Tony Hawk's Pro Shopper, by Karin Malady   November 7, 2019
"This is one of those jokes that didn't make me laugh but exhale hard out my nose a couple of times. I mean. There's a clever sort of wit..." - See the full review

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