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Michael Roberts

Seattle, Washington

Member since July 31, 2007
Last visited January 23, 2021
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I'm the creator of TADS, and the author of several full-scale IF games, including Ditch Day Drifter, Deep Space Drifter (with Steve McAdams), Perdition's Flames, The Plant, and Return to Ditch Day. Most of my IF-related effort is currently being spent on TADS 3, the latest iteration of TADS.

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Interactive Fiction by Michael Roberts

Deep Space Drifter, by Michael J. Roberts and Steve McAdams (1990)
(6 ratings)
Stranded in deep space after running out of fuel, you luck upon a nearby space station. When you get there, though, the place is abandoned, and strange things seem to have been happening lately....

Ditch Day Drifter, by Michael J. Roberts (1990)
(22 ratings)
You're an undergraduate at Caltech, and you wake up to find it's Ditch Day, the traditional event when seniors leave the campus for the day, leaving behind puzzles for the underclassmen to solve in...

Perdition's Flames, by Michael J. Roberts (1993)
(19 ratings)
The afterlife isn't what you expected. Explore a strangely modernized and bureaucratic underworld, replete with strip malls, government offices, and science labs, as well as the occasional lake of...

The Plant, by Michael J. Roberts (1998)
(32 ratings)
You're on a business trip with your boss, driving down a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, when the car breaks down. You set off on foot seeking help, but you soon find yourself in the...

Rat In Control, by Mike Roberts (2003)
(2 ratings)

An interactive cognitive experiment, comparing the usability of compass directions with the usability of relative directions.

Return to Ditch Day, by M.J. Roberts (2004)
(27 ratings)
It's been a decade since you graduated, but now it looks like you're going to have to solve one more Ditch Day stack.

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Reviews by Michael Roberts

Planetfall, by Steve Meretzky   January 31, 2019
"This is one of my favorite Infocom games. I think it stands out as an important transitional game in Infocom's early years that was..." - See the full review

Zork I, by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling   January 9, 2008
"Some modern reviewers have said Zork I is dated, and to some extent it is, although not in the usual way that computer games become..." - See the full review

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