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Member since February 18, 2015
Last visited January 1, 2017
Profile ID (TUID): amni12ut5ouud1ja

What I like:
-A good blend between puzzles and narrative, with the puzzles fitting seamlessly into the universe.
-Good characterization. Characters that mesh well with each other or the setting.
-Fun, goofy universes. Doesn't have to go overboard but I do like to see things that don't take themselves way too seriously.

What I don't like:
-Being beaten over the head with someone's political/social opinions.
-"Interactive fiction" that's just clicking to see the next textwall.

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Traveling in a sueno, by Alvaro Nino   May 19, 2016
"Clicking the link leads to a blank page. Looking at the HTML source shows there's definitely a story but it doesn't seem to be loading..." - See the full review

Rhino Cyborgs, by Rhino Cyborgs   May 15, 2016
"Please don't make pages for games that don't exist. I get all excited thinking I'm going to see a cool IF about futuristic roborhinos..." - See the full review

Tutorial, by Nereare   May 14, 2016
"It's not very good. The writing is awkward and filled with typos. It uses the wrong words at times. There are comma splices. The first..." - See the full review

Beautiful Frog, by Porpentine   May 10, 2016
"I gotta say I love frogs. They're cool animals. They carry about themselves this disposition that gives me the impression of unspoken..." - See the full review

Another Day, by Soda51   April 3, 2016
"That's it. That's really it. No, I'm not going to leave this running for a whole day. Judging by Soda51's previous, erm, works, the game..." - See the full review

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Tutorial, by Nereare
Hand Washing Simulator 20XX, by Soda51
Burns Night Supper, by Robert Rothman
Lullabies and Moss, by B R Sanders
A Bear's Night Out, by David Dyte

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