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Richard Otter


Member since October 19, 2007
Last visited July 29, 2019
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I rediscovered IF during 2004 and I am currently an ADRIFT author. Visit www.delron.org.uk for more of my work.

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Interactive Fiction by Richard Otter

The Blank Wall, by Richard Otter (2012)
(2 ratings)

When all the others had given up, you carried on. Everyone told you to call it a day; your boss, your colleagues, your family, your friends. Everyone said the same, he was gone, long gone, escaped....

Blast, by Richard Otter (2008)

Your day starts with a headless receptionist and then just goes from bad to worse; don't you just hate Monday mornings.

Dancing Even Him?, by Richard Otter (2006)
(2 ratings)

You enjoyed the party at your friends last night, good food, plenty to drink and loads of chat. You can't remember what fool suggested they get the quija board out and then if that wasn't bad...

Darkness, by Richard Otter (2004)
(2 ratings)

For the first time in living memory the lighthouse on the Croxton Rock was in darkness. You have been the harbour master at Tolleth for over 10 years and have never seen anything like this; the...

Delron, by Richard Otter (1989)

Delron is set on the space cargo ship Orion, three days out from space dock something has gone seriously wrong. Just an accident or was it sabotage?

Door, by Richard Otter (2008)

Your objective is simple. Escape from the kitchen.

Escape to New York, by Richard Otter (2005)
(4 ratings)

Your name is Jack Thompson and you are, for want of a better word, a thief. On your latest adventure you have managed to acquire Johnson's 'The Willow Tree', which is worth more than you will be...

Fire in the Blood, by Richard Otter (2005)
(1 rating)

Since that night your life has seemed like a living dream or to be more accurate a living nightmare. Coming home and finding her like that, her still form lying in your lounge. Even now, two months...

Hungry, by Richard Otter (2011)
(3 ratings)

You must escape. Must escape. Nothing else matters. Well, almost nothing.

Lockdown, by Richard Otter (2015)
(4 ratings)
It is only a few hours until sunrise. By then you will have proved to everyone that you are right!

Pestilence, by Richard Otter (2006)

Before all this started you worked selling poorly built, but extremely overpriced housing to the unsuspecting. You have always hated the job but you have to do something. Recently divorced from...

The Puzzle Box, by Richard Otter (2007)
(6 ratings)

An entry in the 2007 One Room Game Competition. Your objective is to escape the room by solving a number of logic puzzles.

Rolling the Dough, by Richard Otter (2006)

Just one more drink they said, just one more. If only it had been only one more! If only it had been only one more bar. Hopefully your wife is asleep, so can you get into bed without waking her?

Target, by Richard Otter (2005)
(2 ratings)

Some people are happy working in an office, some become taxi cab drivers and some people will even teach. You are none of those; you are a 'lone-wolf gunmen who likes to maintain a low profile' or...

Terrified, by Eric T. Dorrath (2007)

The only entry for the NaAdWriMo (National ADRIFT Writing Month) Competition 2007.

Ticket to No Where, by Richard Otter (2004)
(1 rating)

Late again with the most important meeting our your life. Arriving late at the train station and missing your train, you must now, somehow, get to your meeting on time.

Unauthorized Termination, by Richard Otter (2006)
(14 ratings)

You are a senior investigator with the police force of what is basically a totalitarian state. On a world where nearly all forms of crime are punishable by execution, you have been called on to...

Vague, by Richard Otter (2009)
(3 ratings)
With amnesia it is quite possible to have a complete or partial loss of memory, but this isn't like that. It is not that you can't remember who you are or anything about your life, you have no...

Wakemare, by Richard Otter (1989)

The plot is simple, may be you shouldn’t have kicked that poor old Gipsy Lady into the street yesterday (and thrown her things after her). Has the curse she put on you come true?

We are coming to get you!, by Richard Otter (2004)
(2 ratings)

It really is so much fun being a germ. Not only do you travel the world from one flesh-sack to another, you get to meet your millions of relatives and breed. You have never been that sure what...

Where Are My Keys?, by Richard Otter (2004)

You play the part of Colin Thompson who after a drunken night in with his friend Mark, has lost his car keys. You must now begin an epic journey to retrieve your keys so you can once again return...

Word of the Day, by Richard Otter (2017)
(12 ratings)
You are the very first Outer Worlder to gain an appointment on a Bio-Drive vessel, let alone as part of the engineering team. Looking to gain enough credits to procreate could this be your first...

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Reviews by Richard Otter

The Haunted House, by Campbell Wild   May 8, 2019
"Confession time, I’ve used ADRIFT for years but have never played any of the game produced by the creator himself, Campbell Wild. So, I..." - See the full review

Druggy Lane, by Paul D. Boswell   April 24, 2019
"Apparently it is based on an old game called Dope Wars in which you deal in drugs on the streets of New York. I'm not sure how faithful..." - See the full review

Space detective, by Karmo Talts   May 20, 2018
"This game needs a lot more work before it can be considered finished."

The Legend of the Missing Hat, by Adri   May 10, 2013
"This is a small, fun little game. No complexity to it and as reported in other reviews, no real depth to either the implementation or..." - See the full review

Whitterscap's Key, by Duncan Bowsman   September 14, 2012
"I was looking for a game to play/review when I came across a competition I didn't remember and have never played any of the games from -..." - See the full review

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Mortality, by David Whyld
Back To Life... Unfortunately, by David Whyld
Jailbreak Bob, by David Whyld