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H. W. Wiliams


Member since April 1, 2017
Last visited May 16, 2019
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I've played IF as a child back in the days of the C64 and Vc 20. I was hooked, it was like a passion, and with that happening I soon discovered the ability to write my own. It's been a long journey of playing and now writing that I don't want to ever stop. I'm new to this community and I hope to make a lot of friends and share some laughs. I love the Mystery type of games that lead you to enjoy the atmosphere. I hope you enjoy my stories and I hope to hear from you.

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Interactive Fiction by H. W. Wiliams

Dead Men Tell No Tales, by H.W. Williams

It's a dark night on a pier in the end of town. An eerie fog has rolled in and with it, the death of a recently Sailor on shore leave. But how did he die and why? It's your job to find out. Was it...

Death Checks In, by H.W. Williams

DATELINE...The Gray Owl Inn, once the place for tired travelers is now the scene of a baffling murder. A young lady with the whole world before here was taken away recently. The residents of the...

Death Drives a Stick, by H.W. Williams

A murder at a raceway, a group of friends who use to live for the thrill of speed, and now one is no more. A world of fast traveling steal and the live of people come together as one, that is until...

Dial K for Kidnapping, by H.W. Williams

DATELINE...Paris...A long lost love returns in need of your services. She informs you that her beloved Uncle, an employee of the Government has gone missing. Possible MURDER? A game of Spy vs Spy?...

The Farmers Hand, by H.W. Williams

A murder at the old Peter's farm or was it? A secret growing hate is taking over the mind of one, a love that is lost through the hand of death, and confusion of who could do such a thing! Help...

The Golden Son, by H.W. Williams

A case of a missing fortune...a family gripped in fear...a family past hidden in darkness. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of the stolen fortune? Was it the son Sean, hoping to make...

How the West Was Lost, by H.W. Williams

Finally a day off, a day of rest from the dark murderous streets that plague the cities around the world. Today, you are trying to take in the sights and sounds of a historical western tourist...

In the Fields of Sorrow, by H.W. Williams

After you've spent a few days recovering from the near death even that took place. Though when it comes to the art of a case, you know that when a lead turns up there's no sitting around. Officer...

The King's Riddle, by H.W. Williams

The world isn't the place you once knew it as...DATELINE, the life of your loving sister and a child lay in the balance of death. It is up to you, too save the lives of the innocent, before time...

The Lady in the Red Dress, by H.W. Williams

A murder on a luxury ship, brings you to investigate the crime. Who murdered the Lady in the Red Dress? Was it her personnel Doctor? Or maybe Lucy, the everyday woman, trying to become a Lawyer?...

The Last Fare, by H.W. Williams

A murdered Cabby, a small group of suspects, and you just had your coffee. Can you solve the mystery of the dead Cabby? Was it out of revenge? Was it over stolen money? Or perhaps a love triangle?...

Love, Romance, and Murder, by H.W. Williams

A speed dating even gone wrong. A jilted lover takes matters into his own hands. It's 3 am and you are forced to quickly finish off that cup of coffee you were hoping to enjoy. But crime doesn't...

The Missing Dove, by H.W. Williams

On the case of a stolen treasure, crafted the by hands of a mad man, and has the power to change one's life forever. In the center of a Police cover up and being sought after by a secret Cult. You...

The Murder of Mr. Luston, by H. W. Williams (2001)
(1 rating)

A stormy night falls over the Luston homestead. You've been sent a letter, notifying you of you're services. But not everything is as what it seems. You must solve the mystery of death of Mr....

Now Boarding For Murder, by H.W. Williams

You are on a cross country flight to attend a conference on how to speak with suspects. You've put it off for quite sometime now and you decide what's the worst that'll happen? But unfortunately...

On the River Styx, by H.W. Williams

You lye in between the realm of the living and the dead. Everyone who passes before their time must wait in this abyss. But a few are able to leave if they are strong enough. You must escape the...

The South Shall Rise Again, by H.W. Williams

DATELINE...Murder and greed run rampant in the small sleepy town of Farrell, Mississippi. A mysterious Confederate secret, a family torn apart by the poisoning of greed. And we are back at it again...

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Polls by H. W. Wiliams

Trying to find a good comedy. - 36 votes for 22 games; created July 31, 2017
I'm hoping to find a good comedy IF title. I've been away for a while and want a good laugh before I head back to work. Any suggestions?

Looking for games that take place between the 50's and 60's - 7 votes for 5 games; created April 4, 2017
I'm interested in playing some great noir style games in any genre really.

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Reviews by H. W. Wiliams

Zork I, by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling   April 24, 2017
"One of the finest IF games I've ever played. I remember sitting at my old computer for hours just mapping out this game. If you like..." - See the full review

Adventureland, by Scott Adams   April 14, 2017
"I can remember when I first sat behind my C64, I was young and hooked on this game. Though it hasn't aged that well I can still sit down..." - See the full review

The Mist, by anonymous   April 10, 2017
"Honestly, I liked it. Though a very minimalist style of game, though the random events that take place after you die, does get repetitive..." - See the full review

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