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Louisville, KY

Member since May 26, 2010
Last visited July 11, 2013
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Interactive Fiction by jackbishop

Apocolyptica, by Jake Wildstrom (2001)
(2 ratings)

In this tiny one-room game, you play as a street worker for the Church of Cthulu the Kitsch Collector. You can sense that something unbelievably monstrous is coming. Very soon, Life as You Know It...

Captain Cumshot's Second Adventure: The Rim Job, by Jake Wildstrom (2006)

In the second installment of the Captain Cumshot series, the eponymous major (after a promotion) travels to the furthest reaches of the galaxy to repair a malfunctioning unmanned mining station....

Descent of Man, by Jake Wildstrom (2002)

Fade to Black, by Jake Wildstrom (2004)

A game in which every description is written in haiku, with a largely senseless plot involving Justin Timberlake lurking backstage at the XYZZY awards. As a historical footnote, this is one of the...

Getting to know the General, by Jake Wildstrom (2001)
(2 ratings)

In this game, you play as a man who looks rather like author Neil Gaiman, and you're in yet another mess. You were trying to save money by flying to Atlanta inside a large suitcase, but instead,...

The Hentai Adventures of Captain Cumshot, by Jake Wildstrom (2005)

Little Green Robbing Hood, by Jake Wildstrom (2006)
(1 rating)

Pick Up the IF-Archive and Pi, by Jake Wildstrom (2001)
(1 rating)

The Road to Destruction (featuring Bob Hope), by Jake Wildstrom (2002)

Schrödinger's Door, by Jake Wildstrom (2003)
(1 rating)

Sell-Out, by Jake Wildstrom (2003)
(1 rating)

Tightest, by Jake Wildstrom (2002)

The Twelve Heads of St. John the Baptist, by Jake Wildstrom (2007)
(7 ratings)

Twilight of the Dogs, by Jake Wildstrom (2004)
(1 rating)

In this short game, you play as a human warrior in the middle of a bloody war with the Dogs. Your regiment has recently won a battle. Now it's time to make an attack on the Dogs' last fortress.

Upwards and Onwards, by Jake Wildstrom (2003)

What Dreams May Come, by Jake Wildstrom (2003)

In this tiny game, you begin as a gopher in a busy maze of cubicles. Co-workers keep giving you envelopes to deliver, but you can never reach your destinations in time. And why is a jester...

Zokoban, by Jake Wildstrom (1999)
(1 rating)

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Mathematicism, by JAXON   January 23, 2013
"I want the 10 minutes I spent on this back. It has basically nothing in common with a text adventure, having exactly one room with an..." - See the full review

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