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Greensboro, NC

Member since June 11, 2008
Last visited November 14, 2009
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A man, a plan, canal -- but not Panama -- some other canal, really, one farther away and bigger. Better. With clearer water and no political instability. But no. I have no IF accomplishments and I'll play anything.

Hey -- hey, why must I live in Greensboro? Someone tell me! But that's where I am. When the heat isn't beating me down the dismal quality of the library system *is*. Don't come here. And I have four cats. Someday I'll write a text adventure about my cats, and it'll be all cutesy and no one will be able to play it and they'll complain that people shouldn't release first games into the public.

Least of all not cat games.

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Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas   June 11, 2008
"The surreal qualities of this game hide, I think, that it is an exploration of -- and an artful one. I should hope that this..." - See the full review

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Chancellor, by Kevin Venzke

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