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Games with stupid player characters
by murphy_slaw - 30 votes for 12 games, last vote on May 10, 2015; created on February 27, 2009

"I'm looking for games where the player character is significantly stupider and/or less observant than the average player - the kind of game where part of the challenge is making sense of the descriptions offered through the simplistic..."

Games with NPCs that tag along
by Ghalev - 71 votes for 39 games, last vote on August 30, 2019; created on February 12, 2009

"List here any games that feature a (preferably memorable!) "sidekick" character - an NPC who follows the viewpoint character around for most or all of the game, as per Floyd in Planetfall or Trent/Tiffany in Leather Goddesses of Phobos."

Romance Games
by Molly - 72 votes for 26 games, last vote on April 27, 2015; created on February 3, 2009

"In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm looking for games that deal with romance and relationships."

Influential Games
by Rose - 393 votes for 60 games, last vote on September 3, 2019; created on February 1, 2009

"As a historical exercise, I've begun compiling a list of IF games that have either done something ground breaking with the medium or otherwise influenced it; and I've turned it into a poll so everyone can have input on the expansion...."

Great treasure hunt games
by Molly - 10 votes for 8 games, last vote on October 27, 2012; created on January 1, 2009

"Good treasure hunting games in the vein of Zork and Adventure, although they may not necessarily be set in caves."

Games with great puzzles
by Molly - 27 votes for 15 games, last vote on June 8, 2018; created on December 30, 2008

"Games that have great puzzle-design. The puzzles need to be logical and internally consistent."

IF that centers around holidays
by Molly - 30 votes for 21 games, last vote on February 10, 2017; created on December 27, 2008

"I'm looking for IF that centers around specific real-world holidays, e.g. Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Passover, the Fourth of July, Guy Fawkes Day, Halloween, etc."

Games with graphics and/or sound
by eyesack - 166 votes for 86 games, last vote on October 1, 2019; created on December 15, 2008

"I couldn't find an easy way to search for this, so I figured I'd ask the hivemind: What games use graphics and/or sound to enhance the gameplay, similar to City of Secrets and Necrotic Drift?"

Simulation Games
by tadsPro - 2 votes for 2 games, last vote on May 7, 2015; created on December 5, 2008

"Hi TADS lovers!; I am new to TADS and i have played a few games. I want to know if there are any TADS games that emulate a system. I mean is there any game which simulates real world airplanes or space crafts in which the player will..."

Artistic Games
by WriterBob - 115 votes for 33 games, last vote on June 27, 2018; created on November 15, 2008

"I'm interested in games that take the fiction of IF to new levels. These are not straightforward, plot driven games. Think instead of games that play like poetry, or games that focus on a character's revelation."

Games for Beginners
by WriterBob - 227 votes for 59 games, last vote on August 21, 2019; created on November 11, 2008

"I'm looking for games that are suited for adults who are new to IF. My purpose is to share these games with friends and let them get experience IF without being frustrated by mazes or guess-the-verb issues. Please avoid children's games...."

Fun single-room games
by Jeff Sonas - 58 votes for 19 games, last vote on April 23, 2016; created on October 29, 2008

"My kids (9 and 12) like to play IF games on my phone during car drives so they are looking for something quick and fun that doesn't require much mapping. What single-room adventures are out there?"

Games suitable for children
by Mike Sousa - 73 votes for 30 games, last vote on April 5, 2018; created on October 11, 2008

"My 10 year old twins recently "discovered" IF. They fell in love with Grunk and are asking for more games to play. I've searched BAF and have some ideas, but figured I would give this poll a shot since there are hundreds and hundreds of..."

Games that most resemble an Infocom work
by David Cornelson - 62 votes for 21 games, last vote on November 21, 2018; created on October 10, 2008

"If you've played a game that "feels" like an Infocom game, add it to the list."

AI developments, particularly NPC-AI
by breslin - 30 votes for 17 games, last vote on June 10, 2018; created on October 10, 2008

"Doesn't need to be satisfying as a conventional game, but must be interesting as an experiment. The idea being that AI work in IF is something that still needs work. Name the games you think which are contributing to this area of genre..."

Games with accurate (present or historical) settings
by Emily Short - 50 votes for 27 games, last vote on June 22, 2018; created on October 10, 2008

"I'm looking for works in the general spirit of The Fire Tower or 1893: they can be puzzly or not, have a story or not, but they should attempt to represent a real-world setting as accurately as possible, and in some detail."
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