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The Most Obscure Commercial IF Game I've Ever Played
by Xervosh - 15 votes for 13 games, last vote on November 4, 2017; created on September 9, 2010

"I'm hoping to be reminded of some of the obscure little IF games I may have played during the 1980s, but since can't recall. In addition, this poll may get a few more obscure games from the 1980s (or early 90s, or late 70s) listed in the..."

by Victor Gijsbers - 23 votes for 12 games, last vote on January 19, 2019; created on September 1, 2010

""[T]he thief [in Zork] is important to the development of interactive fiction because he functions as a true villain, not simply an obstacle or opponent.", writes Nick Montfort. Apparently, he moves around, taunts the player, actively..."

A Poll About ... A Poll About ... Hm. That's Funny. I Can't Recall.
by Ghalev - 52 votes for 28 games, last vote on December 3, 2018; created on July 30, 2010

"As of the founding of this poll, the IFDB has only seven games with the "amnesia" tag. I don't buy that for an instant. Please vote for games where the player-protagonist-person is dealing with a bout of forgetfulness (usually about who..."

High fantasy interactive fiction
by Bainespal - 13 votes for 9 games, last vote on May 20, 2019; created on July 27, 2010

"My favorite genre of fiction, interactive or otherwise, is high fantasy -- the genre of such epic series of novels as The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and The Wheel of Time by Jordan. I'm especially interested in games with an alternate..."

Games that inspired you to MAKE a game.
by MyTheory - 45 votes for 29 games, last vote on March 26, 2016; created on July 27, 2010

"Whether it was the witty dialogue, the charming atmosphere, or the cleverness of the puzzle - you played "this" game and it inspired you to write your own. Selfishly, I'm looking for my own inspiration, but I am also very, very curious..."

New Game Challenges
by tggdan3 - 9 votes for 9 games, last vote on April 3, 2015; created on July 22, 2010

"User-made challenges for existing IF games meant to make the game harder/more fun"

Solved without Hints
by joncgoodwin - 151 votes for 88 games, last vote on August 18, 2019; created on July 16, 2010

"I'm very interested in hearing truthful accounts of at least somewhat difficult games (or games that don't solve themselves at least) solved completely without recourse to hints, walkthroughs, etc. "

Games with mysticism
by Anya Johanna DeNiro - 29 votes for 15 games, last vote on August 1, 2018; created on July 16, 2010

"What I'm looking for are games that aren't "other-world" fantasy, but rather use one of the following as part of its thematic underpinnings: Renaissance magic, Neoplatonism, hermeticism, gnosticism, alchemy, or any other kind of..."

Bound by human frailties???
by Stickz - 19 votes for 14 games, last vote on May 25, 2017; created on June 23, 2010

"I'm looking for games where the PC is faced with needs like eating, sleeping, and thirst. Unusual inventory limitations. Things that make them appear a little more human."

Fast-paced action scenes
by Juhana - 46 votes for 26 games, last vote on June 13, 2017; created on May 28, 2010

"Fast-paced action is something that's notoriously hard to do in IF where waiting for player's input necessarily pauses the game every turn. Which games have succeeded in creating action scenes that convey the sense of urgency, danger and..."

Mouse & Milquetoast - Modern-World Games With a Timid Protagonist
by Ghalev - 28 votes for 16 games, last vote on May 4, 2016; created on May 17, 2010

"In some games, you play a brave hero, or a cynical crime-fighter, or a cunning robber. In others, you play an artificial mind, an alien, or an animal. In many, you play nobody in particular, just an average person of some kind, doing a..."

Split-up PC functionality
by baf - 56 votes for 20 games, last vote on August 16, 2018; created on April 21, 2010

"In a normal game, there is a single fictional entity that is considered to be: - The protagonist: the character that the player is meant to identify with, and whose goals you are trying to achieve - The viewpoint character: the character..."

Emotional IF
by Sorrel - 49 votes for 17 games, last vote on July 7, 2018; created on April 8, 2010

"I'm looking for IF that inspires one or more strong emotions in the player – an IF that pulls on your heartstrings a little. "

One Room Non-Escape Games
by tggdan3 - 56 votes for 22 games, last vote on February 19, 2015; created on April 7, 2010

"I'm looking for a one room game, where the purpose is NOT to escape that one room. (Eliminating games such as Enlightenment, Suveh Nux, 69,105 keys, etc). I'm not sure if there even ARE many such games, but I would be interested in..."

Game mechanics as story
by aaronius - 7 votes for 7 games, last vote on June 23, 2015; created on April 7, 2010

"In the best story-centered board games, the rules and system mechanics create or encourage the sorts of stories the game is supposed to be about; one suspense-themed game I discovered recently uses a Jenga tower to create rising dread in..."

Games with easy English
by Fitbos - 18 votes for 14 games, last vote on June 28, 2018; created on April 6, 2010

"I'm a Chinese guy who is really interested in text-based stuff, but my English is not very good for me to play games with hard English. Especially games with slangs every where. So I'm just looking for games that really written in easy..."

Games for iPhone or other mobile devices
by DenniaDale - 9 votes for 9 games, last vote on September 19, 2015; created on March 26, 2010

"This is simple and I'm sure the list will grow as new games are developed, but what IF games are available for the iPhone, or like devices? I'm aware of one called "Cathy's Book" which looks like a lot of fun, at least for girls, but..."

Games with an evolving environment
by Sorrel - 12 votes for 10 games, last vote on May 8, 2017; created on February 5, 2010

"I'm looking for IF where the setting constantly evolves/changes to either advance the plot or confuse the player. Something to the effect of Shade. "

Nautical IF
by Felix Larsson - 14 votes for 10 games, last vote on April 20, 2015; created on February 5, 2010

"I know there was a couple of commercial high-sea text adventures. Now I am on the look-out for ‘modern’, post-commercial IF with a nautical theme. As far as I can tell, there is a definite shortage of bucaneers, boatswains, able seamen..."

Games with no victorious end
by NosesAreAlive - 5 votes for 3 games, last vote on May 30, 2017; created on January 17, 2010

"I'm looking for games which can be won, but don't end when they are."
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