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Dominic Delabruere1089 Frequent Fiction points
Member since December 20, 2007

"I used to call myself Kazuki Mishima. On IFMud and elsewhere, I'm lunasspecto. I've got a little blog at..."

Guenni1072 Frequent Fiction points
At home
Member since June 3, 2009

"Pfff, I'm not fond of a lot of blood, dying people, even less of killing, and depressing endings. Everything else is fine. "

katz1072 Frequent Fiction points
Altadena, California
Member since November 19, 2010

"Author/illustrator. I do historicals, mostly."

James Hall1059 Frequent Fiction points
Member since November 13, 2007

Mike Ciul1052 Frequent Fiction points
Member since June 4, 2008

"Author of A Killer Headache and co-author of Gigantomania and Kerkerkruip (version 9+)"

RandomExile1048 Frequent Fiction points
Member since February 12, 2011

"After prior contributions as a reviewer, I'm pleased to follow Jimmy Maher as editor of SPAG as of the 4th quarter 2010. I'm endeavoring..."

Nathaniel1037 Frequent Fiction points
Member since September 19, 2016

o0pyromancer0o1032 Frequent Fiction points
Member since April 23, 2010

f-a1029 Frequent Fiction points
Member since March 8, 2018

Richard Otter1013 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 19, 2007

"I rediscovered IF during 2004 and I am currently an ADRIFT author. Visit www.delron.org.uk for more of my work."

gruelove1010 Frequent Fiction points
Member since April 3, 2009

stadtgorilla1008 Frequent Fiction points
Munich, Germany
Member since May 26, 2011

"Usually, I do music (mostly electronic, mostly experimental, for films, art installations, in improv groups) and sound design. But I love..."

Jason Lautzenheiser1005 Frequent Fiction points
Navarre, Ohio
Member since August 7, 2013

"Long time enthusiast starting back in early 1980s with my first exposure to Zork 1. Dabbled with authoring in the past, wanting to begin..."

kba1002 Frequent Fiction points
Member since December 21, 2008

ikdc1000 Frequent Fiction points
Member since January 31, 2017

Matt Kimmel1000 Frequent Fiction points
Cambridge, MA
Member since November 28, 2007

"IF fan since I received a copy of Zork II as a gift in 1983 to go with my brand-new floppy drive. Author of "Zax" Z-Machine circa 1997,..."

Rymbeld994 Frequent Fiction points
Greensboro, NC
Member since October 14, 2011

"Most of my reviews are just a record of me playing through award-winning games, in chronological order, and discovering what I like and..."

Kevin Jackson-Mead984 Frequent Fiction points
Member since April 10, 2010

"Organizer of the People's Republic of Interactive Fiction."

airylef981 Frequent Fiction points
Member since December 17, 2017

Fra Enrico976 Frequent Fiction points
Torino, Italy
Member since June 3, 2008

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