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forgotten gems
by Marius Müller - 37 votes for 22 games, last vote on November 29, 2019; created on October 25, 2011

"I'm looking for games that don't show up in the IF histories or recommended lists, for what reason whatsover. Old games that maybe weren't boundary-pushing or noteworthy, but still give you a fun play experience. If you ever thought..."

Fun Halloween Games!
by bluevelvetwings - 10 votes for 7 games, last vote on August 30, 2019; created on October 14, 2014

"There are already polls for good horror games, and there are quite a few good ones on this site. But I'm looking for ones that fit the side of "spooky" but not "terrifying" - things that make you giggle nervously at the scares, but don't..."

Fun single-room games
by Jeff Sonas - 58 votes for 19 games, last vote on April 23, 2016; created on October 29, 2008

"My kids (9 and 12) like to play IF games on my phone during car drives so they are looking for something quick and fun that doesn't require much mapping. What single-room adventures are out there?"

game with detectives
by msdfaraji - No votes; created on May 15, 2017

"‍ کارآگاهان برای رمز گشایی پرونده یک جنایت به کمک شما احتیاج دارند. اونا نیاز دارند فردی با قدرت استنتاج بالا بهشون یاری برسونه تا پرونده مهمی رو حل کنند. اگه فکر می کنی چنین قدرتی داری بازی رو شروع کن. "

Game mechanics as story
by aaronius - 7 votes for 7 games, last vote on June 23, 2015; created on April 7, 2010

"In the best story-centered board games, the rules and system mechanics create or encourage the sorts of stories the game is supposed to be about; one suspense-themed game I discovered recently uses a Jenga tower to create rising dread in..."

game that gives you three choices
by major2111 - No votes; created on August 18, 2011

"pretty sure it gave you three choices every time instead of entering text, and it was such an open minded game one second you were at your house next thing alien space ship... spent weeks looking for this game i used to play, thanks if..."

Gamedia Music 12 SMAIS
by fjrsandy - No votes; created on April 14, 2017

"Teka Teki fjrsandymusicsmais"

Gamedia Music 12 SMAIS
by fjrsandy - No votes; created on April 14, 2017

"Teka Teki"

Games / stories with an eighteenth-century setting
by chux - 4 votes for 3 games, last vote on May 9, 2016; created on May 19, 2015

"That is, I'm specifically interested in a European / Western version of the 18th-C.: Age of Enlightenment; Great Awakening / Puritanism; Colonial and Revolutionary USA; Louis XIV to French Revolution; hoop petticoats, justacorps, and..."

games about cats
by beetlesack99 - 22 votes for 19 games, last vote on June 29, 2018; created on October 22, 2016

"are there any"

Games about experiencing chronic/long-term illness
by verityvirtue - 10 votes for 10 games, last vote on February 13, 2017; created on January 7, 2017

"Games which primarily involve the experiences of the PC or an NPC with an illness, which may involve their experiences with healthcare professionals and other services. Not to say there isn't a place for games whose PCs have a long-term..."

Games about grannies
by baf - 4 votes for 4 games, last vote on July 18, 2019; created on July 17, 2019

"Recently, a representative of Ubisoft attracted some attention by saying, about an upcoming game with a grandmother as a protagonist, "Nobody has dared to do anything with a granny before, I think." Obviously he was only really speaking..."

Games about mother-child relationships
by verityvirtue - 15 votes for 11 games, last vote on June 28, 2017; created on July 2, 2016

"Games which deal with mother-child relationships, no matter the nature of either party."

Games about strange and wonderful plants
by verityvirtue - 23 votes for 13 games, last vote on June 2, 2017; created on June 26, 2016

"Botany! "

Games about Time Travel
by Estrong157 - 25 votes for 16 games, last vote on July 31, 2018; created on June 15, 2016

"more specifically, games with time travel as a gameplay element."

Games about travel
by penguincascadia - 36 votes for 22 games, last vote on November 16, 2018; created on February 19, 2016

"This list is for games either about travel or with travel as a major part of the plot or background. Stuff like being able to choose where you go from a relatively wide range of destinations, road trips, exploring a city or region as a..."

Games centered around a "groundhog day" loop
by Merk - 50 votes for 31 games, last vote on October 31, 2019; created on July 29, 2015

"Two that come to mind, which I haven't played in years and may be remembering wrong, are Moebius and All Things Devours. Games with fail states, by their nature, fit the bill from a mechanical level, but I'm curious about games where..."

Games featuring music
by Karl Ove Hufthammer - 26 votes for 19 games, last vote on May 16, 2017; created on July 29, 2012

"I have always thought that music has a huge potential for enhancing IF, more so than graphics has. So what are the best examples of IF games that use music? Note that this poll does not include games with only sound effects; they have to..."

Games for Beginners
by WriterBob - 228 votes for 59 games, last vote on November 22, 2019; created on November 11, 2008

"I'm looking for games that are suited for adults who are new to IF. My purpose is to share these games with friends and let them get experience IF without being frustrated by mazes or guess-the-verb issues. Please avoid children's games...."

Games for iPhone or other mobile devices
by DenniaDale - 9 votes for 9 games, last vote on September 19, 2015; created on March 26, 2010

"This is simple and I'm sure the list will grow as new games are developed, but what IF games are available for the iPhone, or like devices? I'm aware of one called "Cathy's Book" which looks like a lot of fun, at least for girls, but..."
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