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Long-Form Games That Don't Require Mapping
by Steven Watson - 39 votes for 21 games, last vote on September 1, 2020; created on August 30, 2013

"Playing Losing Your Grip has reminded me of just how tedious I find manual mapping in lengthy games, no matter how much I enjoy everything else. So, I'm looking for some long, engrossing games that don't require the player to draw maps...."

Longest games you ever played
by MathBrush - 31 votes for 17 games, last vote on June 4, 2020; created on August 2, 2015

"I'm looking for the game that you played that had the most content (not necessarily being stuck on a puzzle for a long time)"

Looking for a good Western.
by Bishopofbasic - 18 votes for 12 games, last vote on January 16, 2017; created on March 23, 2016

"Howdy everyone, I'm on the hunt for a good western text adventure or IF depending on how you call it. Something, that's quite fun to play. The year of release doesn't matter to me. Just looking for some great games to sink my teeth into...."

Looking for games that take place between the 50's and 60's
by H. W. Wiliams - 7 votes for 5 games, last vote on January 27, 2018; created on April 4, 2017

"I'm interested in playing some great noir style games in any genre really."

Looking for some easy to pick up psychological thriller games.
by Xionix - 3 votes for 3 games, last vote on February 21, 2013; created on February 19, 2013

"Hello, Im new into IF and Im looking for some psychological thriller, mystery or something that will get you guessing till the end. Again, Im kinda new so I prefer easy one (I still can't get Galatea to talk to me so you get the idea)...."

Lost Pig type puzzle complexity
by Mostly Useless - 21 votes for 14 games, last vote on April 26, 2016; created on April 10, 2013

"I haven't played a lot of IF, as I'm often put off by what are (for me) difficult puzzles. Without doubt the most satisfaction I've had from finishing a game has been Admiral Jota's Lost Pig, and I would love to hear about other games..."

Lost Treasures of the IF Comp
by Molly - 15 votes for 12 games, last vote on June 9, 2015; created on June 21, 2012

"It seems that for every Comp game that's still talked about today (e.g., Slouching Towards Bedlam, Shade, Photopia, etc.), there's ten or so that have been almost completely forgotten; some of them even placed in the top ten or higher...."

Low-rated games worth playing
by diddlescatter - 4 votes for 4 games, last vote on March 7, 2020; created on February 26, 2020

"Looking for games that may have gotten poor reviews but are still memorable and worth playing for the story."

lucid dreaming and/or sleep paralysis themed games
by DAB - 6 votes for 6 games, last vote on June 13, 2018; created on June 8, 2018

"What it says on the tin. ^"

Maintained Hall of Fame / High score list
by Denk - 16 votes for 13 games, last vote on September 22, 2020; created on July 27, 2017

"Maintained Hall of Fame or high score list is a great idea. Let's list those games where a maintained hall of fame/high score list is accessible, either within the game or online."

by CMG - 21 votes for 16 games, last vote on April 11, 2020; created on November 18, 2015

"After playing Hard Puzzle by Ade McT, which centers around assembling a "milking stool" under rather sinister circumstances, it struck me how odd it can be to feature milking in a game. This poll is for any games that include or..."

by Sobol - 20 votes for 15 games, last vote on May 14, 2020; created on June 17, 2016

"Mise-en-abīme is a technique of having a play within a play, a painting within a painting, etc. Let's list those interactive stories where the characters play interactive stories."

Misunderstood games
by MathBrush - 19 votes for 18 games, last vote on December 8, 2016; created on September 7, 2015

"I'm interested in games where the reviewers 'just don't get it', where part of the game that is essential or hidden got overlooked. I'm thinking of Scary House Amulet as a prime example, where a solid parody game is passed off as poorly..."

Modern Text Adventures
by glaap - 4 votes for 3 games, last vote on July 23, 2018; created on October 6, 2015

"As I'm currently working on a game that tries to modernize the text adventure genre in a way that it gets closer to movies while still maintaining the idea that you just have a text interface, i'd like to do research on the most..."

More than it appears to be...
by dacharya64 - 88 votes for 37 games, last vote on August 24, 2020; created on January 14, 2012

"I'm looking for games that aren't exactly what they seem. Perhaps they come across as simple or romantic or anything really, the point is that things take a turn for the worse (or perhaps the better) and everything begins to change...."

Most inappropriate response.
by Biep - 8 votes for 7 games, last vote on May 28, 2017; created on March 19, 2013

"Sometimes responses simply don't make sense - but sometimes they DO make sense, but inappropriately so, with sometimes humorous results. If possible, please put how to elicit the response in the Quick Quote part of the comment, and the..."

Most unique games
by Jeremy Freese - 39 votes for 25 games, last vote on December 8, 2018; created on August 4, 2009

"Whatever else might be said about ___________, there's not another game like it."

Mother-Daugher Relations
by matt w (Matt Weiner) - 38 votes for 24 games, last vote on December 5, 2018; created on March 13, 2015

"What are some IF works that involve a relationship between a mother and a daughter? Not necessarily as the center of the work, but as something that impinges on it at all."

Mouse & Milquetoast - Modern-World Games With a Timid Protagonist
by Ghalev - 28 votes for 16 games, last vote on May 4, 2016; created on May 17, 2010

"In some games, you play a brave hero, or a cynical crime-fighter, or a cunning robber. In others, you play an artificial mind, an alien, or an animal. In many, you play nobody in particular, just an average person of some kind, doing a..."

Multi-Part Games
by Bloodsong - 53 votes for 38 games, last vote on January 14, 2018; created on June 10, 2009

"I was wondering just how many games out there, either completely text based, or text-adventure hybrids, are out there that involve a story line over the course of several games. I know for sure of the Sorcerer trilogy from Infocom...any..."
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