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Games with Toys
by IFforL2 - 38 votes for 26 games, last vote on March 6, 2020; created on March 12, 2017

"I want to distinguish toys from three other IF game elements: Puzzles require the player to find a solution to a problem in the narrative. If she can't find a solution, she's stuck. Branching allows the player to steer the plot of the..."

Games with unique hint systems
by delano - 22 votes for 18 games, last vote on December 8, 2018; created on April 27, 2014

"I'm looking for games that offer hints in any way, except for printing them in sequence on the screen. For example: characters that offer hints; objects that, when examined or used in a certain way, suggest actions to the player; etc."

Games You Return To
by Ghalev - 24 votes for 17 games, last vote on June 23, 2015; created on July 27, 2014

"What games do you find yourself revisiting from time to time, games that have proven to be a kind of comfort-food of text adventuring, the warm old socks of parser and puzzle, the socks-full-of-comfort-food of overextended metaphor? What..."

Games you would like to see finished
by Denk - 8 votes for 6 games, last vote on August 30, 2019; created on July 27, 2018

"Unfinished games, e.g. IntroComp games, which you would like to see finished. Hopefully, this will encourage authors to finish their games."

Getting back into IF, best re-introductions to the genre
by Sorrel - 34 votes for 17 games, last vote on July 27, 2017; created on May 29, 2016

"I haven't played any IF for roughly the past 6 years and am excited to get back into it. So, what have I missed? What have been some of your favorite games released since 2010? Alternatively, what games do you think would serve as a good..."

Give me a second chance!
by verityvirtue - 31 votes for 18 games, last vote on August 11, 2018; created on February 1, 2015

"I'm looking for games which work like Bigger Than You Think - where dying isn't the end, where you're given second chances, where your second chances give you gear or skills or knowledge that you need to know to win the game."

Glulx Hyperlinks
by Jeremy Freese - 4 votes for 4 games, last vote on January 8, 2013; created on January 7, 2013

"I was playing around a bit with a couple of the Glulx hyperlinks extensions, and this led me to be interested in looking at some games that have been written in Glulx and make use of hyperlinks."

Good Games in French/Bons jeux en français
by thecanvasrose - 20 votes for 15 games, last vote on April 4, 2020; created on August 26, 2019

"I've recently reached an intermediate level of French speaking at my university. I can easily read relatively straightforward sentences, that is, but writing which is highly poetic or archaic I will not understand. I think I know French..."

Good sci-fi games
by IFDent - 44 votes for 26 games, last vote on January 27, 2018; created on May 29, 2014

"I'm looking for a good science fiction game (sci-fi game) for example, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Infocom. Can't get enough sci-fi text adventures."

Great Escapes
by JonathanCR - 29 votes for 13 games, last vote on June 12, 2018; created on February 21, 2012

"Everyone knows that "escape the room" games and puzzles are an IF cliché. But which are the best examples of this classic genre?"

Great game sequels
by Teaspoon - 29 votes for 21 games, last vote on December 9, 2018; created on April 9, 2016

"Whilst writing a review of "All Alone", Joey Jones's sequel to his game "If I Wasn't Shy", I became curious - how many examples of sequels are there in IF? Preferably good ones."

Great games that consist of a single puzzle
by Spike - 30 votes for 18 games, last vote on December 6, 2019; created on June 15, 2018

"I'm looking for well-designed and challenging games that revolve around solving a single puzzle. The puzzle may have multiple parts, but the whole game needs to be essentially about solving that single puzzle."

Great Openings
by Floating Info - 15 votes for 9 games, last vote on July 29, 2015; created on July 27, 2015

"What games have your favorite openings? By opening I mean everything before the first room description in a parser game or the first screen of a choice game. It could be a sentence, a few sentences, a paragraph, or more. But I'm looking..."

Great quotes
by aaronius - 11 votes for 7 games, last vote on October 28, 2014; created on November 5, 2009

"Post your favorite sentences/excerpts from games in the comment field. Especially lovely if they are from deeper in the game than the opening text, although all are welcome."

Great treasure hunt games
by Molly - 18 votes for 14 games, last vote on March 31, 2020; created on January 1, 2009

"Good treasure hunting games in the vein of Zork and Adventure, although they may not necessarily be set in caves."

Hallucinogenic games
by jakomo - 4 votes for 3 games, last vote on May 22, 2018; created on August 1, 2017

"What games best evoke the psychedelic/hallucinogenic feelings of using DMT/Mescaline/LSD/Ayahuasca etc ?"

High fantasy interactive fiction
by Bainespal - 13 votes for 9 games, last vote on May 20, 2019; created on July 27, 2010

"My favorite genre of fiction, interactive or otherwise, is high fantasy -- the genre of such epic series of novels as The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and The Wheel of Time by Jordan. I'm especially interested in games with an alternate..."

Hilariously Bad IF games
by american00b - 15 votes for 11 games, last vote on May 6, 2015; created on November 10, 2013

"Earlier today, I felt like playing an Interactive Fiction game that is the literary and stylistic equivalent of such masterpieces as Birdemic and The Room. I still have that feeling, so if you find anything like Plan 9 from Outer Space..."

Historical adventures.
by Rovarsson - 10 votes for 9 games, last vote on April 5, 2020; created on November 28, 2019

"I love historical novels, no matter what time period they're set in. They do have to be accurate though. Can you suggest IF-games that are also like that? (In short: no magic.)"

Holiday games
by Sorrel - 7 votes for 3 games, last vote on August 13, 2016; created on December 16, 2009

"I'm looking for some IF games to get me into the holiday spirit. "
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