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ADRIFT 2nd One Hour Comp 2003
3 games

To create a game in ADRIFT in only one hour (or less).

ADRIFT 2nd Three Hour Comp 2004
6 games

To create a previously unreleased ADRIFT game in three hours (or less).

ADRIFT 3rd One Hour Comp 2003
13 games

To create a game in ADRIFT in only one hour (or less).

ADRIFT 4th One Hour Comp 2004
16 games

To create a game in ADRIFT in only one hour (or less. ADRIFT 4th One Hour Comp 2004 Download

ADRIFT Hourglass Comp 2006
13 games

The Hourglass Competition, a.k.a. the 3rd Three Hour Games Competition, is a minicomp for new ADRIFT games written in three hours or less. Original voting deadline: 26th August 2006 and was extended to 31st August 2006. Organizer:...

ADRIFT Intro Comp 2005
8 games

The challenge is to come up with a brilliant beginning to an Adrift game that is in a working playable form. This must really make the player want to actually continue with the rest of the game, if it existed. So, it is a competition for...

ADRIFT One Room Comp 2003
7 games

Create an ADRIFT game which consists of one location only.

ADRIFT Spring Comp 2003
3 games

The Adrift Spring Competition is open for any unreleased, but complete, Adrift games. Competition entries must be in by 20 April 2003, with judging taking place in the following week.

ADRIFT Spring Comp 2004
4 games

A competition for new complete unreleased ADRIFT games. Took place during April 2004.

ADRIFT Summer Comp 2003
5 games

All games must be written using Adrift 4.0 There is a limit of 20 rooms (as in rooms in the Adrift generator). It is always possible to make one room seem like many.

ADRIFT Summer Comp 2004
6 games

Rules for this competition Time limited. The game is must be written during the period 15-22 August 2004. To ensure compliance there will be required first and completion line for the game, as well as a compulsory object to be announced...

Association of Educational and Communications Technology (AECT) Design and Development Showcase, 2017
1 game

Nick's Dilemma was selected to be showcased at the 2017 annual Association of Educational and Communications Technology Design and Development Showcase in Jacksonville, Florida.

19 games

A minicomp for tiny games where the theme is A CHICKEN CROSSING A ROAD. Games were released on 18-Jun-1998.

Cover Stories
11 games

Cover Stories was a game jam / minicomp for artists and creators of interactive fiction. In the first stage, artists created or sourced images that they thought would make good covers for an IF game; in the second, authors chose covers...

7 games

The premise is to write a short game about one or more dragons and make it as funny as possible.

EctoComp 2017
32 games in 4 divisions

You shudder, walking through the night breeze. Lights are flickering off in the distance and your chance of reaching safety in time is slimming. A shadow moves swiftly to your left; your gaze darts towards it but it disappears. Suddenly...

Eleventh Hour New Year's Minicomp
7 games

imaginary games jam
16 games

Premise: The authors received a randomized list of five imaginary games created by other participants in the jam. They were to pick one (or more) and make: a sequel, a prequel, a fan fiction, a critical response game, a sidequel, a...

Independent Games Festival 2017
2 games

The Independent Games Festival (IGF) is an annual festival at the Game Developers Conference.

IndieCade Festival 2017
2 games

The IndieCade Festival is the premiere event dedicated to celebrating independent games in the nation. Now in its 10th year, IndieCade is held each October in the Los Angeles area and is open to the industry and to the public.
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