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a game about a boy, which was sold together with a bound book (novel or short story) - an IFDB Poll

by BearWithMe
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As a child I remember visiting my next door neighbor, who had a text adventure, which was sold together with a novel (i.e a real fictional book).

The story was something about a boy, who perhaps lost his family, ran away from home or perhaps some other tragedy happened to him, which left him alone. In the cover I remember a picture of a boy (?)

This unknown game, featuring a young boy (which I was at that time) has left an imprint in my soul. I need to go back to it. I need to know, what kind of game it was, I need to read the novel.

This is a puzzle I need to solve. Please help. Perhaps it was published between 1987-1991 ? Platform was probably PC.

the important clue is the fact that the game was sold together with a novel.


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Mindfighter, by Anna Popkess and Fergus McNeill
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