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Games good for reading aloud to someone else - an IFDB Poll

by tunesmith
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I'm looking for IF that works well for reading aloud to someone else, and then typing in what they would like to do. We like Inform games and parser games in general. So games that are a little more story focused, and with not as much emphasis on traveling long distances by directional commands. (We tried Bronze this way and it wasn't the best fit since there's a lot of room hopping.)

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Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
2 votes
(No comment) [+]... "It was fun to..." [+]...

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The Lost Islands of Alabaz, by Michael Gentry
1 vote
"Actually enjoyable for kids" [+]...

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Everybody Dies, by Jim Munroe
1 vote
(No comment) [+]...

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Suveh Nux, by David Fisher
1 vote
"One room, succinct writing, fun spell language" [+]...

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