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Games That Changed Your Mind - an IFDB Poll

by Ghalev
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Before you played X, you never thought you'd like horror games. Before you played Y, you never thought you could take a game with a dragon in it seriously. Before you played Z, you thought linear games would just frustrate you. Tell me about the games that shattered your preconceptions, un-made your made-up mind, broadened your horizons and pleasantly surprised you. Please indicate, in your comments, just what it was the game turned around for you.

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Comments on the poll

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OtisTDog, December 3, 2010 - Reply
Great poll idea! Newcomers and dabblers should especially find this helpful.
Ghalev, December 4, 2010 - Reply
Thank you! I hope so, though it seems the polls (any of them) aren't getting a lot of action lately! Hopefully things will pick up.
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