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Good Games in French/Bons jeux en français - an IFDB Poll

by thecanvasrose
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I've recently reached an intermediate level of French speaking at my university. I can easily read relatively straightforward sentences, that is, but writing which is highly poetic or archaic I will not understand. I think I know French well enough now that I can enjoy French language text adventures. Let me know which ones are the most fun (and not too hard).
Je suis récemment arrivé à un niveau intermédiaire d'apprentissage du français dans mon université. Je peux facilement lire des phrases simples, mais je ne comprendrai pas une écriture poétique ou archaïque. Je pense connaître suffisamment le français maintenant pour pouvoir jouer des aventures textuelles en français. Faites-moi savoir quels sont les plus amusants (et pas trop difficiles).
thank you/merci

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thecanvasrose, August 31, 2019 - Reply
Thank you both for the suggestions. I look forward to giving these a try!
dutchmule, August 30, 2019 - Reply
Awesome! I added a few of my favorite ones. We have a few translations too, if you're interested (Shade, Verdeterre, Adventure, etc). I hope you'll leave a review of a few games, we're sorely lacking on IFDB! And feel free to drop by our Discord if you want to get more practice in French or if you have any questions :) https://discord.gg/EhmdFsv

À bientôt !
IFforL2, August 26, 2019 - Reply
The French IF Community has their own resources and game lists, but Eriorg is a good person to start with.

I'm into Castilian/Spanish IF myself. I enjoy repairing, maintaining, and promoting Spanish game pages on IFDB as much as I like playing the games themselves. The best part is that some really great Spanish IF authors have actually contacted me! You may find the same role for yourself in the French IF Community. It's really a thrill when one of your favorite authors emails you to thank you for a review, asks you to participate in a chat, or invites you to play and vote in a competition. You should try it.
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