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News for Death off the Cuff

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Release 3 now available
August 29, 2012 5:20 AM
The newest release of "Death Off the Cuff" is now available, with many fixes and improvements.

Change notes:

- Removed the conversation menus when talking about characters. Talking about a character will now result in general remarks about that character. Motives and alibis can be referred to directly as “A’s motive” and “A’s alibi”, where A is the person in consideration. Talking about “Motives” and “Alibis” in general, will result in a disambiguation menu listing all the possible options, assuming more than one is available.
- Accusing characters is now handled by the new “Accuse” command, which can be tried at any time.
- Once the real murderer has been revealed, it’s no longer possible to accuse other people, nor to talk about their alibis and motives.
- Rewrote a lot of the dialogue, especially the expository monologues, to improve the character voices.
- The disambiguation system has been made explicit, as lots of people would miss it. Examining or talking about a character will place him in focus, causing objects, including abstract ones like motives and alibis, to be prioritized by the parser. The current focus of the player will be displayed in the status line.
- Fixed a bug where the parser would not recognize object names containing apostrophes.
- Fixed several problems with the dialogue not properly taking the player's current level of knowledge into account.
- Fixed a multitude of typos and grammatical errors.
- Anthony Saint Germain is now Antoine Saint Germain.
- Detective Goodfellow is now Constable Goodfellow.

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