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This is a history of updates to the news item "Leadlight updated to version 1.1 (18 November, 2010)", originally posted by Wade Clarke on November 22, 2010 8:16 PM. (This item is for Leadlight, by Wade Clarke.)

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Leadlight updated to version 1.1 (18 November, 2010)
Posted by Wade Clarke, November 22, 2010 8:16 PM - Edit
Version 1.1 of Leadlight is the post IF Comp 2010 release.

Core gameplay remains identical to version 1.0. The update adds many extra or improved descriptions to the gameworld and removes a few bugs:

* Added descriptions to 16 objects
* Updated or improved descriptions for 4 objects and 1 enemy
* Added 4 object synonyms
* Fixed a bug where certain control characters could cause crashing at the prompt
* Fixed a bug which could cause a memory leak and a weird crash
* Fixed a bug where one monster wasn't removed from the game properly after its death
* Fixed apple description bug
* Mystery Girl article fixed
* Missing Sheryl description restored
* After first round of combat the player is reminded 'RETURN' repeats last command

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