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New Features on IFDB

This is a summary of recent additions and changes to the site. The list isn't comprehensive - we report only the more visible and significant changes, so you might notice some minor changes from time to time that aren't reported here.

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23 September 2009

News reports for games: Each game page has a new section for "news", which is a list of brief reports on newsworthy events related to the game - new releases, bug alerts, updates on the author's plans, etc. Members can post new items and edit existing ones, so the News section for a game can be maintained by the community just like the game listing itself. To add news to a game, use the new link at the bottom of the game's page, next to the "Edit this page" button. News items, when present, appear on the game's main page below the Details section. News items are also included in the "All updates" RSS feed for a game, and appear on the IFDB home page and in the main IFDB news feed.