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New Features on IFDB

This is a summary of recent additions and changes to the site. The list isn't comprehensive - we report only the more visible and significant changes, so you might notice some minor changes from time to time that aren't reported here.

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23 September 2009

Attention Authors: use IFDB to notify your players of new releases: If you're an author of a newly released game, you can use IFDB as a way to get the word out whenever you release a bug fix patch or new version of your game. Just tell your players to subscribe to the RSS feed for "Updates to downloadable files" on your game's IFDB page. They'll see a new item in the feed any time you update the Download File links on your game's page. You just have to be sure to update the IFDB link to your game's downloadable file, to reflect a new version number or release date in the description of the linked file. It's important to update the IFDB listing for the file, not just the copy of the file on your Web server or the IF Archive. IFDB doesn't poll your server to see if the date changed on the file. Instead, it looks at its own records - namely, the URL to your file, the title you entered, and the description - to determine if something changed. As long as you change one of these fields, IFDB will know that the file changed and will add the update to the RSS feed. We recommend putting the version number in the description text for the download link - that way you can simply update the version number in the description whenever you update the file, and IFDB will know there's a change to report.