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New Features on IFDB

This is a summary of recent additions and changes to the site. The list isn't comprehensive - we report only the more visible and significant changes, so you might notice some minor changes from time to time that aren't reported here.

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23 September 2009

Cross-referencing related games: Some games have genealogical relationships to other games. For example, Adventure has been translated into many natural languages, and has been re-implemented several times with different programming systems. Each translation and port is really a full-fledged game on its own, so each one rates its own IFDB page. On the other hand, all of these are different incarnations of the same original Adventure, so we'd like a way to link all those pages together. This is where the new Cross-Referencing feature comes in. You can now add a list of other games that a particular game is related to. You can specify the kind of relationship for each cross-reference: a game can be related to another as an adaptation, a translation, a port to another programming system, a sequel, a prequel, a remake, or a spoof, or as simply making some other kind of reference to the other game. Cross-references are always entered from "child" to "parent"; for example, you'd edit the page for the Spanish version of Adventure and add a "Translation Of" cross-reference to the original Adventure. Once you've created the child-to-parent reference, the system automatically displays the reference in both directions - that is, it displays the reverse link to the child on the parent game's page automatically.