Formatting Hints

You can use some limited HTML-style formatting code in this field:

<SPOILER> ... </SPOILER> - marks everything between the tags as "spoilers" - information that reveals the game's secrets. A reader who hasn't played the game might not want to see this, since it would spoil the fun of discovery when they play. IFDB will hide this text until the reader clicks a button saying they want to see it.

<B> ... </B> - the text between the <B> and </B> is shown in boldface.

<I> ... </I> - the text between the <I> and </I> is shown in italics.

<BR> - line break: ends the current line and starts a new one, with no extra space between the lines.

<P> - paragraph break: shows a blank line between the paragraphs.

<BR/> - paragraph break (this is provided so that you can copy text from an iFiction XML file - the iFiction format uses <BR/> for paragraph breaks)

<A GAME="tuid"> ... </A> - hyperlink the text between the <A> and </A> to a game. tuid is the TUID identifying the game. Rather than writing this out by hand, you can use our game hyperlink generator.

<A HREF="url"> ... </A> - hyperlink the text between the <A> and </A> to any Web site. (For safety reasons, Javascript isn't allowed. The URL must start with http://, ftp://, or news:.)

&lt; - a less-than sign (<)

&gt; - a greater-than sign (>)

&amp; - an ampersand (&)

If you use any of the line or paragraph break codes, then any newlines in your text will be ignored - we'll assume that you wanted to control the line formatting entirely with the HTML-style codes. On the other hand, if you don't use any break codes at all, we'll assume that you wanted any newlines in the text to show up literally as line breaks in the displayed version.