What is community moderation?

IFDB doesn't have formal moderators or censors who decide what you can and can't see in terms of reviews, game listings, and recommendations. Instead, we use community moderation, which means that we rely on IFDB's whole membership to provide guidance about which reviews are useful and which aren't.

Community moderation works by letting everyone provide guidance instead of censorship. It obviously wouldn't work if everyone could veto anything they didn't like - pretty soon there'd be nothing left on the site except material so bland and uninteresting that no one could disagree with it (and probably not even that, since someone would undoubtedly veto it for being too bland and uninteresting).

So instead of a veto, everyone gets a vote. The chief tool for community moderation of reviews on IFDB is the Helpfulness vote. As votes accumulate, the reviews that members collectively deem to be the best (however they choose to define "best") will move to the top of the list, and less helpful reviews will move to the bottom. This makes it easier to set your own threshold for quality when you're browsing, since you know the good stuff will be listed first.