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Please, for the love of God, don't play this., by Anonymous

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Definitely not ready for release, August 27, 2011
by Ken Franklin (England)
This game looks like it is the result of someone trying out a new system and not getting too far.

There are enough locations (13) to write a game within, but only five objects and no tasks to manipulate them suggest very sparse gameplay. Sadly a clue to the level of the game are that the objects include an AK-47 and an Alcohalic (sic) drink.

I would never discourage someone from trying to create a game, but releasing something that is so far from complete is wrong.

Back To Life... Unfortunately, by David Whyld

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Well worth a revival, November 10, 2007
by Ken Franklin (England)
This is my favourite of all the games that David Whyld has written. It is very silly as you are revived against your wishes and unable to get back to your well earned and peaceful death.

Snakes and Ladders, by Ken Franklin

From the Author

This was a very experimental board game implementation that I was persuaded to release in an Adrift minicomp.At the time I was more interested in the technicalities rather than implementing any serious gameplay.

The Pyramid of Hamaratum, by KFAdrift

From the Author

I am the author of this game and wanted to apologise for letting it escape. The actual game is set inside a pyramid and is very short. Please do not expect too much if you, in spite of this warning, play the game.

1-4 of 4