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creak, creak, by chandler groover

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Probably just the wind.., April 11, 2015
by Secret Weapon Coffee (Christmas Island)
A two star rating? Ahhuhhhh.. no, I really don't think so..

This game was a nice surprise for me because I'm a fan of untangled sequencing and writers with the discipline to also be effective editors. The stylistic methods I recognized were employed well, from a structural standpoint this is a very tidy project, obviously exploiting use of the reader's capacity for imagination with the conservative descriptions. Pace, suspense and atmosphere are three concepts this game conveys particularly well and the bare writing emphasizes their importance. Overall an intelligent and deliberate project concentrated into something short, sweet and significant in spite of how few materials it required to construct.

I like this. I appreciate what the text choses not to say which isn't something I often get to enjoy. I've looked at a couple of other pieces of your work and the quality seems pretty promising, so hopefully you'll share some other projects in the future with us!

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