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Divis Mortis, by Lynnea Dally

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Fun!, May 22, 2020
by GhostGabriel
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I had a fun time with Divis Mortis. I should probably start by saying I'm new to IF, especially parser IF. I first fell in love with video games playing old school Resident Evil (1-3) and that introduced me to the concept of solving mostly item-based puzzles while running around a zombie infested area. I was looking for an IF horror game to scratch that same itch. And for the most part, Divis Mortis does.

I enjoyed the descriptions of rooms and items. The writer gives enough description to show you the world with enough ambiguity to paint your own mental picture. I felt that the puzzles were mostly intuitive, but there is one way to get stuck and have to start over (or restore a pretty early save slot). (Spoiler - click to show) It has to do with the outside. You have the option to barricade the doors to the outside. After a time (maybe a certain number of moves) the game says basically, "the zombies are coming. better shore up your defenses." So I barricaded the door with the bench. BUT! You have to get a toolkit from your car outside before barricading the door. Once you barricade it, the noise attracts zombies and you can't go out again. If you barricade the door before you get the toolkit from your car, you have to start over. This game is about 25 rooms so its not THAT hard to play back to the point you need to, but I would still rather have gotten some kind of prompt, such as "I'd better check the outside first before I barricade myself in here." It would have saved a lot of frustration. I know I went on a bit of a rant, but that dead end completely broke my immersion in an otherwise great experience.

Like other reviewers said, I also wish this game were longer. It's a world and play style that I would love to spend more time in and explore.

And my only other complaint is the ending. Without spoiling it, it took a drastic shift in tone. It felt like the author was up against a deadline and rushed the ending.

BUT, even with those issues I still loved this game. I would encourage any IF survival horror fans to check it out!

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