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Starcross, by Dave Lebling
Helped spur my interest in sci fi novels?, June 14, 2016
I was born in 1971 and I think I played this game in 1984.

Not long afterward, I would become an avid reader of science fiction novels (particularly form Asimov and Clarke), and this game may have helped kick-start that habit.

Playing this game, I would fill my head with imagery of a colossal cylindrical spacecraft, primitive inhabitants, alien machinery, etc. The text-only interface was more than adequate for navigation, interacting with objects, and communicating with beings.

My main complaint with the game is that there is a critical challenge with a non-intuitive solution. This is the task of obtaining the red rod. I was never able to find the solution to this on my own.

There was one other critical challenge that I wasn't able to solve on my own. That was the task of using the pair of disks. However, unlike the challenge with the red rod, the game developer had provided a hint that I could have picked up on.

The game would have been better if there were more rooms to explore, more objects to find, more inhabitants to communicate with, and more puzzles (with intuitive or multiple solutions) to solve.

One final comment: there seems to be a strange hole in the plot where the game developer forgot that you (the visitor) and the inhabitants breathe the same atmosphere. However, this issue can be easily overlooked.

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