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The Blind House, by Amanda Allen
I never thought an IF will play with my innocent mind…, March 13, 2013
This review is mostly for new players…

Let’s begin with the story of the game, there is a woman Helena, she got some kind of accident and she is staying in her friend’s house, Marissa. That’s all I will tell about the story. Even after I beat the game, I’m quite confuse, this games kinda play with your mind. You are exploring this house, finding clues and stuff, the puzzle are very easy, there is no map in this game... BUT, there’s a 4 year old drawing in each room, and my brain know where all the places are without need the map, the drawing make me remember each place easily, also the house you are exploring is very tiny. The game is very short, at least the ending I get. I recommend this one to new players, because the puzzle are easy, very easy, If you have played dozens of point and click (like me), you will only find a bit of a challenge, but you will discover what to do quickly. This game do some tricky things to fool the player, but, in my opinion, the author make a error, I will not say what it is, but lets say, if not where for that, I will have thought I was going crazy instead that the game was make to be that way. This is a fun little game, newbie will not need to be afraid of this one, so far, is the easiest IF game I have played, I beat it without need of hints or anything, and I have been playing game with pictures since I was a child so believe in me, if your are new, play this one, trust me.

The King of Shreds and Patches, by Jimmy Maher

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The game that makes me believe in IF..., March 10, 2013
First of all, this review was made by a newbie of the genre, don¡¯t expect any comparison with other games, just a honest review from someone that was scare of IF just a few months ago. This review is mostly for newbie players. Also, I hate spoilers, so I will not talk much about the story. My 1st language is Spanish so yeah, lotz of typos.

What got me to play this game was, the map¡­ yeah, a piece of paper with names of places make me play this game until the end. For newbie players, sense of direction, is very important. Walking randomly just hoping to arrive where you want to, will lead to frustration, unless you got a very . memory (I¡¯m talking about new players, an expert of IF I suppose can get around without a map) or incredible luck. The story was very interesting, is about this man, Robert, trying to figure out what happen to his friend after finding him dead, any more info will spoil the fun of it. Its play kinda like a detective game, finding clues, talking to people to discover who or what did this to your friend. This games is not as graphic as I will like it to be, only one scene really surprises me, otherwise I will have love if the game would have gotten more mature and disgusting bloody scenes. The puzzles were very good, maybe one or two will lead to frustration, (especially new players like me) but there¡¯s a very good hint system, its follow your progress and give you the tiny bit of info to keep solving the puzzle on your own, or give you the full solution, I really love this system, and I think many IF uses this. The game uses very easy commands, you will never will find yourself typing random verbs just to ¡°cut the paper¡±. And in the conversations the game give you the topics beforehand, just in case you forgot what you have to ask to a certain person. The conversations feels lively, the writing is very good in my opinion.

I really recommend this game to newbie players. One of the first IF I played what this game that was supposed to ¡°teach me¡± how to play, and it did the opposite, its make me afraid of ¡°games without pictures¡±, its make me feel like ¡°if I can¡¯t resolve this puzzle in this game for ¡°new players¡± without typing hint, its mean I will never be able to beat any other IF on my own". All those IF expert players learned by trial and error, playing multiple games at first, without even beaten half of them. Also, play a game with a story you like with normal places. Houses, shops and a city, this is easy to imagine and to get into, not like a castle with a supernatural wardrobe that you have to use to light a candle in the first 10 minutes of the game. This game should be in the top list of games to play for people that think that IF is an error in writing and have to be in lower case¡­ like I once did.

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