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The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons, by Marshal Tenner Winter

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Bloody good fun, needs a little polish, January 22, 2013
by Mostly Useless (Leicester, UK)
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Marshal Tenner Winter's second IF outing places you firmly in the shoes of a private eye thrown into a mysterious case, and (without spoiling anything the game's tags won't tell you) successfully explores Lovecraftian horror themes from the tongue-in-cheek perspective of the lead character. It's nice to play a game where one moment you're laughing at the dialogue and the next squirming at a grisly description.

There's not much in the way of puzzles, this one's more about the story. My only real criticism would be that there isn't quite enough of it, and there's a few non-interactable items. A bit more work would add a lot of polish, so roll on version 2!

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